Twitter Lite Introduced To Attract More Users

Twitter Lite is a new data-efficient update to their app which will help the users with low connectivity in their area can get the tweet stream. This update can also be the best option for those who have restrictive data usage. Twitter is one of the most used social media channel all around the world and many tap into Twitter to just to get the present news updates. But to use Twitter in the most efficient way, the users must have data connections from their mobile networks. The users must have a decent data connection to use Twitter more effectively, but Twitter has made introduced its Lite version which will be a perfect option for the low data users. The Twitter Lite is expected to limit the data usage of users and it is able to loads faster even with slower connections. It is said to be 30% faster than the standard version of Twitter and the users will be able to navigate through Twitter very fast with this update. The storage size for Twitter Lite is also very less as it consumes just 1mb in your mobile device.

Twitter Lite is also available with a ‘data saver’ option that is expected to reduce the requirements of your mobile data. With the data saver option it is possible to see images and videos preview before using it your post. By this you will be able to save the data usage by 70% which is really the best work by Twitter that would support the users who face expensive mobile data. Twitter has introduced this new version to attract the user in India as they have introduced this along with the partnership of Vodafone who offer updates of live cricket. Presently Twitter is used to send tweets related to IPL- Indian Premier League matches and Vodafone is said to have more than 200 million subscribers. India is known to have second largest population and about 26% people use internet of daily basis.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media channel in the country where people share various information on regular basis. Most of the user stay online using their data connections, but some of them face poor data connection that keeps them away from Twitter most of the time. Now people in India are using Twitter to share real-time updates about T20 cricket and with Vodafone Twitter will be able to attract more number of users very easily to access its lighter version. This is one of the best options offered by Twitter to attract more users and maintain its current users. Twitter is offering its own data-friendly version that is expected to increase their popularity among the users who have low network connection. The users can download Twitter Lite by visiting the page from their mobile device and tablet.  It is one of the steps from Twitter to stay on top in the social media market where there is heavy competition.

Twitter Options Being Changed Regularly

Twitter has been making more changes on its network as it has been featuring new tools and options to attract more users. Twitter has been facing lot of criticism during last few years due to the lack of controlling trolls on this platform and they are unable to deal with in the most effective manner. Due to all this criticism, Twitter has been making some positive changes on its network to deal with the trolls which includes content filters, reporting tools, blocking options, etc. All these efforts is a positive move from Twitter as it is taking them in a right direction. Now Twitter has been saying that they are going to change their ‘egg’ avatar into a grayed human form that is expected to attract the users to use their actual photo. The change of egg avatar is a very small move from Twitter to deal with the trolls but it is expected to not have a big affect on the users. According to Twitter this important change is expect to have a significant impact and they will be trying to add features to tackle the trolls on their platform even if this new options fails to have any impact.

In the same way Twitter also introduced new replies option few days back where the look of the replies will be changed in its app and handles will be removed from character count. The number of people in a conversation will be included to e-mail such as recipients line just over your tweet content. This replies change from Twitter has started to get more criticism where the people started to say that this option has been placed to confuse the users as the previous option was really helpful as it was simple for using. The new option is simple for the new users who can easily understand it, but the existing users may find it difficult to use. There were also few announcements from Twitter users that they are going to leave this platform, but there was a small change in it. Twitter is also facing competition from other similar version called as Mastodon that was able to attract more users whereas the use of replies option started to decrease.

Twitter had earlier show that they are ready to listen to their users and make some changes to their platform. According to Twitter they are ready make some important changes if the users like them and even role back other updated changes that fail to keep the user engaged with this social media channel. For example, Twitter rolled back its list notifications changes due to the response from the community. Twitter has been feeling less secure as they are making major changes such as Moments moved to a section of new tab and Vine being declined. Even making all this new updates, Twitter still remains the most important social media platform to engage with people and offer a good customer service for brands.

New Location-Sharing Option From Twitter

Twitter has announced a new tool for location-sharing for customer service with the help of direct message services. Twitter is considered to be a leader among all the social media networks to offer good customer service using the tweets. The tweets help the customers with more control to get all the answers for their questions quickly. There are also other social media channels that have been giving tough competition for Twitter in providing customers service options. They have introduced messengers to handle important customer service along with other personal benefits. The major focus for Twitter in the present time is to control the online trolls and make it easy for its users to handle their social media account. Most of the new users will feel free to use Twitter and also stream live sports without getting trolled. Twitter has been putting additional efforts to offer good customers service options for the users and offer other new options along with latest trends.

In the latest effort from Twitter to offer good customers service is the introduction of their new tool known as location sharing through DM which is expected to support the brands to give most relevant service to their customers. Location-sharing is an interesting tool that can help all the users on this social media platform to find the way to use location data that offers additional utility. For Example Facebook had been using the location sharing option that has gives access to various information like your present location and where you had been. Bu Twitter provides a new value for the location sharing option which is almost similar to nearby variations and other options that can be used by the location data.

This is one the best steps taken by Twitter which is very important to enhance their direct messaging service for the customer service. Few months back, Twitter had also introduced new options and tools especially for the brands to offer best customers service that includes ‘Message’ button. Another new option was included by Twitter called as welcome message to greet the customers before the DM conversation which would also send quick replies and automate the process. All these additional options introduced by Twitter is expected to support the brands who want to use this social media network to provide good customers service for their consumers.

One of the major focus for Twitter is providing customer service options for the brand accounts, but they are doing this to attract more number of new users. All these new tools are expected to support the brands to have good connection with their consumers and increase the efforts of customer service options. This makes Twitter one of the best social media channel to engage with the customers and provide additional support through tweets. The process is really simple as Twitter wants every brand to use their platform and the introduction of new location sharing tool through DM is a major step in it.

Twitter To Introduce New TweetDeck Features

Twitter has been assessing its user interest to introduce a new version of the TweetDeck featuring new options and features. This advanced version of TweetDeck is expected to add new analytics tracking along with trending data and many more features. But there is one problem with the new advanced version of TweetDeck as it will be available with monthly fee for the users. Twitter has been monetizing its data with a Gnib based on the data access that users would require. With this option, Twitter will be losing its own revenue but the access will be limited to the users as it will give a good view about the new tool that can become a major trend on this social media platform. All this can be highly valuable for the people who use it and the new options are expected to offer a completely new range of features. The additional features offered by TweetDeck will also include audience insights as well as analytics, special tools to assess multiple timelines of your multiple Twitter accounts or multiple devices.

Twitter is also been planning to include a new features that can be used to bookmark the content and also provide insight about the people who visited your profile. Apart from this you can also have details related to unfollower tracking and another features to import the user lists along with customer priority. The information about the new tool has not been revealed completely by Twitter, but they are mainly considering adding few changes to TweetDeck to attract the users in a positive way. Twitter has been one of the best places for the people to communicate and it is an important part of communication where the President also relies on it for getting in touch with the citizens. With this additional feature, Twitter will be able to make some money and attract the attention of users on this platform. Twitter has been trying hard to maintain its users and this updated can be really interesting.

There are also a number of tools as well as apps that have been developed that are loosely based on Twitter which adds more pressure on this social media channel. TweetDeck can be the right choice for Twitter to attract more number of people to manage their schedules and increase the number of engagement as well monetization potential. Twitter is looking to more avenues by revealing its potential data and according to a report Tweet data is helps in knowing the affects of flu outbreaks in advance and even warn about flood damage. There are also different ways Twitter insight can be used to forecast the forecasting purposes. All such activities are highly valuable when Twitter will highlight different ways to utilize its own platform to assess the relevant trends. There is still no official confirmation from Twitter about the latest update in the TweetDeck, but all this option will be on top priority on Twitter’s list to attract more number of users.

Making Twitter Supportive For Your Business

Twitter has been considered to be an important part of various business people. There are special techniques that can be useful in making Twitter important for your business. The following are few steps that can help to make use of Twitter for your business in the right way.

1. Make your profile for business- First you have to select the username which must be similar to the name used on other social media platforms. It is important to be consistent on all the social media channels to establish your brand equity. In case your matching name has already taken by other, try to choose the username that is similar to your brand. The usernames will be limited to just 15 characters on Twitter, so try to be more selective in choosing one of them. After selecting the username, you must complete the profile details which include profile picture, header image and bio. Also make sure that same information is available on your website that will help the visitors to identify your profile on both sites.

2. Establish your business profile- This is an important step to attract more people on the social media platform and make them followers of your account. Also add a link of your social media account on the website and business blog on top as well as bottom of the page. Try to add Twitter icon in your marketing campaigns leading to existing audience which will give access to the social presence your profile in achieving to gain exposure. If you are handling business profile on other social media channels, try to share a link of your account to give access to the people from Twitter.

3. Set your target- By doing this you can focus on bigger marketing objectives and use it to assess your campaigns. Select some of the metrics such as engagement rates to monitor the performance of your work. You must always have an idea of engaging with the right people on the social media platform, so try to set a target and move towards it.

4. Schedule your presence- You must prove your existence on Twitter, so try to schedule your presence or your posting time on this platform. Create your tweet template which must feature short caption, linked URL, relevant hashtags and more. Try to look for trending topics to select their hashtags to develop your online presence. You can engage your audience depending upon the tweet content and make sure to use original content in your tweet.

5. Reach your audience- Try to reach to your audience in large numbers whenever possible. Have a real-time conversation with the audience and those who like to share your content try to thank them immediately. If you are running a small business, Twitter can be the best resource to reach to the audience. Before tweeting for the first time, make sure to have online presence as well as brand awareness on social media platform.

New Updates For Tweets On Twitter

There has been very less updates on various social media channels related to any development. But Twitter has been planning to updates few things that would come into effect very soon. The Twitter iOS app will be seeing a new change in its tweet timelines on profiles. You can already see it has been updated with new ‘Tweets and Replies’ in separate listing and the presentation is also being changed with carousel-style selector. Even though it is considered to be a very minor change, it can leave a big mark on the people using Twitter for personal use. This special format will be available for Android very soon which is slightly different from its profile options that are available on the computer. This carousel listing is expected to offer Twitter a new way to give more unique tweet presentation selection. Twitter can also include new tabs for the tweets that feature only videos and in case the users for Moments increase, Twitter can also introduce Moments listing.

Twitter is also being testing new format of introducing desktop notifications tab and changing it completely from mobile style. A new format will be added which will features a prominent link leading to original tweet. It is most of the difficult to see which link to click on the available notifications and generate more contexts with direct link to original tweet. It is easy to click through the links and know what the Twitter user is responding to. It is not clear whether all this updates are going to be put under testing process or Twitter will be introducing it as full time for the users.

There are more people using Twitter for sending tweets to their followers and people are also more active when they are tweeted with various methods. None of the information are coming into form right now as all of them are just under testing process and tweaks as well as updates will be considered only based on how the users interact on this social media channel. All the updates will be based on the user’s behaviors which will give a completely new experience. All these efforts from the social media channel are to increase the engagement of the users which will directly help the social marketers.

The testing process for all the updates have been undergoing on Twitter and even various other social networks as everything is based on user’s engagement. Until the users login to their Twitter accounts, all the updates will not be noticed and the same applies to all the social media channels. All the updates will not be added permanently till they are announced officially by the social media channels. Mainly Twitter tweet timelines on profiles can be easily noticed by the users as it will be used by everyone to compose a tweet or even reply to a tweet. This one can be considered as an important change by Twitter if it gets updated permanently.

Twitter Has More Active Bots

According to a latest report, the about 15% Twitter accounts that have been active are bots and it has been created to reach a particular group of audience. They are capable of increasing digital metrics with artificial retweet as well as mentions. The current users on Twitter who are active are expected to be around 319 million per month and in this about 48 million user accounts are bots. The bot accounts are really high and Twitter also faced same problem in 2014 where it faced questions to prevent bots on this social media platform. During that period, Twitter expected to have about 5% or less number of bots even though some of other reports suggested that the data was really higher. Twitter has been facing bot issues from a long time and this present report claims that it has been increasing significantly during all these years.

Another report from UK researchers claimed to have more number of inter-connected bot networks on Twitter and the number of fake Twitter accounts was also high. The bot networks was recognized recently during US Presidential Election which suggested Donald Trump had the benefit of bots that was retweeting messages supporting Donald Trump which increased voice share when compared to Hillary Clinton. But we cannot say that this could have had a big impact on the behavior, but the research made during this period reveals that the number of bots network has been more that featured automated actions through tweet.

The presence of Twitter bots raises a question of active users on this social media platform. It is important to do a complete research on Twitter if you are having a business account as it can be helpful for their marketing process. You must start your own analysis to make sure that your business doesn’t have any affects with the bots on the audience. To avoid the bot networks, there are few procedures that can be followed which includes install a niche monitoring on Hootsuite to understand the related topics discussed on Twitter. You must also analyze your audience using Followerwonk to know engagement stats and more. Also delete the fake followers account to know the number of actual engaged audience for your Twitter account.

You can also use social marketing process that will help to look completely away from all aesthetic measures and know the exact engagement received by your brand as well as response levels. The bots can really play a significant role in dividing your exact information about the marketing strategy. You will be able to know the actual data about your targeted market on this social media platform. Having more followers can be perfect for your business, but at least one follower who is genuine can be more beneficial for your business. The number of bot networks will also highlight importance of preventing vanity metrics. It is always important to access your bots to prevent having fake followers for your business account.

New Anti-Abuse Tools From Twitter

Twitter has been taking some important actions to deal with trolls and social media abuse. There are number of new privacy measures and security options have been introduced by Twitter such as safer search results, temporary restrictions of accounts, limiting visibility of tweets and more. All these options have been very small, but it is yet to see how the users are going to experience this kind of measures to solve the online abuse. Twitter has been introducing new tools that would take care of various concerns related to trolls and make this social media platform more pleasing for its users. One of the new measure blocks profiles from others view along with warning which says that the content used from Twitter account can be offensive. The users will be able to click the option ‘Yes, view profile’ to move on and there will be no moment to pause. This will give the Twitter users a simple chance without getting exposed to offensive content.

According to report, the users will not get any notifications when their Twitter accounts are being flagged and they will also not see any guidelines related to their account being blocked. Even though this option is under test mode the sensitive content will be flagged as per their present guidelines and the user and the explanations will be provided to the users when their tool gets enacted. This option is under the first stage of testing phase and there will be few changes when a completed tool comes into use for the Twitter account holders. It is considered to give a big problem for most of the brands who use Twitter to promote their business in case their account gets blocked as per the guidelines. The businesses would like to reach to people in large members on the social media platform and the tool like these may affect them. Twitter will also be able to provide complete information about their tool once they are ready with it after their test proves be good and use it on their social platform.

At present, all their tools have been limited and may be replaced if they fail to perform in the right way. This is really good news for most of the Twitter users as they are working hard to handle the online trolls and abuse. Twitter has been facing few criticizism recently for their inability to act against the online abusers on their platform due to lack of any new innovation. There are many apps that have been introduced that have been used by many people all over the online platform and with the behavior of users being changed, the trolling has also been increased which must be handled in the right way. Twitter has worked hard to introduce anti-abuse measures that will be able to change Twitter lists in few hours. The Twitter users will easily get benefitted with all these important steps taken by this social channel.

Twitter Still A Best Platform For Marketers

Twitter has been one of the most used social media channels for common people and marketers. There has been news about revenue decline for Twitter that has made most of the marketers to think about using Twitter. But there is still a long way to stop using Twitter especially for the marketers. Even now Twitter is able to give a good insight about real-time trends that gives the brand a chance to connect with their customers accordingly. The following are few important reasons that still make Twitter the right platform for the users.

1. Real-time service- Most of the customers like to get updates related to their purchased products in real-time. The customers also like to reach their brands through social media channels like Twitter than just sending emails related to the products. It is also very easy to get connected with the brands for consumers and customers can reach the brands within few minutes. You can also get immediate response from the either one of them. The brands that want to use Twitter for customer service must have more employees to answer the queries related to their product on Twitter.

2. Real-time insights- Most of the people will be using Twitter regularly to share their opinions as they can get real-time updates about all the information they want to have. The number of audience who use Twitter to get real-time insights are on mobile. According to report there has been a positive link between social posts and the users. Twitter is also one of the best sources to get meaningful insights that are really helpful for the users on this social media platform. There are many researchers who use Twitter to get information related to their research.

3. Marketing feature in Twitter- There has been lot of improvements in Twitter since its introduction and they have been regularly updating the usage experience through various features. The marketers are looking for new updates to improve their business and Twitter has been supporting them in the right way. Some of the key features are really attractive to keep the customers engaged on this platform.

4. Regular improvements- Twitter has been doing regular improvements to its features as there has been tough competition from similar social media channels. There are many users who are still able to make use of Twitters features to reach their customers. Twitter is one of the social media platforms that are the best to use and get better understanding about the customers. There are few people use Twitter for their personal use and some of the marketers use it only for promoting their business.  Twitter is mainly helpful for the marketers in a special way as the data available in it can be used to analyze and look for future insights. The marketers can also use the Twitter data to capitalize on the current trends on the social media platforms that can help them to connect with their customers.

First View Data From Twitter

Twitter had released a new option known as last year First View that was able to help the marketers to know how to make their promoted social video will target audience after logging into the Twitter account. According to Twitter First View supports the brands to get attention on top of their timeline. The First View was part of Twitter research that will shows the result of first video in the timeline that is able to generate uplift on major metrics compared to other subsequent videos seen. The pricing of these video ads normal vary significantly since its introduction a year ago and Twitter wants to mark First View anniversary by offering a latest research report and the way the business marketers can use for their development.

Twitter says that memory response has been highest during the starting 30 seconds in Twitter session and the users have been increasing to get connected emotionally with their content. This research is based on Twitter’s neurological research that really makes a good sense due to the effects of tweets. The initial video has been extremely valuable as it helps the marketer to look for relevant and meaningful video message. All these data’s signify the importance of knowing when most of the targeted audiences are online in Twitter without the help of First View option. With the help of your analytics it is possible to get the right idea about your audience and mostly when they are active to capitalize on it effect organically. The research from Twitter also shows first video viewed by the audience on Twitter is capable of getting higher responses when compared to other activities on this social media platform.

Twitter is also been resistant on its previous stats related to the engagement of video content on tweets as the video tweets can get shared easily when compared to the image tweets. According to previous data, tweets featuring a video are expected to get 9 times more engagement when compared to the text updates, tweets with the GIFs are able to get 6 times more engagement when compared to texts and tweets only with images are capable of receiving 3 times more engagement when you compare them with basic texts. Twitter also underlines the video which is most popular on the social media platform today. The First View video is related to the option how it helps to improve the performance based on important brand metrics.

The First View option is known to be the best choice for promoting events that happen line and keeping real-time video right on top of the audiences timelines. Twitter also suggests important steps that can make your First View really successful. You have to make the messaging process really simple and it must mainly focus on your main assets. You must also use the content to connect with current event which must be associated with the people’s interests. First View data is really worth considering for most of the marketers.