Ways To Attract Mobile Customer

Those who run a business and want to attract the people on their local market, it is possible to do through mobile marketing. Mobile has become one of the most important part of the marketing and most of the people prefer it. Many people use their mobile always and even search for local businesses in their area. This will help the businesses to reach the people who are looking for few particular services. Both social media along with mobile can be the best source to reach to local customers. There are lots of social media channels that are available for various marketers who can use it for their benefit. It is possible to create your own content on all these social platforms and there are also few apps that can be used for creating images that will look attractive both in your social media profile as well as the mobile device. You can also begin a mobile campaign on the social media platform and try to reach to people who would like to avail your service.

Social media channels provide ads that can be used on the mobile device which would help to attract the people from a particular location. There are three techniques available for audience to reach to your mobile ads which includes geotargeting, beaconing and geofencing. Geofencing is similar to virtual line surrounding a particular geographic area and if a particular person enters your mentioned area, that ads will be easily visible. In order to get these ads offers, the person must download the app for using it efficiently. Another option is geotargeting which is a tool that starts with particular geographic area like a city. In particular area, you can reach to potential customers related to the additional information. The business that attracts the customers from the same area, geotargeting can best the best choice that can help to reach to potential customers.

The beaconing features only small range as it only uses a technology like Bluetooth. To get these messages, you must install an app that can enter into a particular ad network. There are also few social media networks that offer customized results for the search results based on the customer interests. The small businesses that feature physical locations along with geographically related audience it is important to get listed over organic listings. There are other ways that can help to promote your business on the social media platform apart from just placing ads. Using social media for promoting your business or products can be the best choice based on the location. Most of the social media channels have their own option to attract the customers living on a particular geographic location. It is also possible to send messages through the social media as well as reach to the audience in the right way. Also follow particular accounts who are interested in your product and even those who would like to share it with other people.

Twitter To Introduce Events Calendar

Content calendar are known to be one of the best way to maintain your social presence. It is also possible to get all the information about relevant celebrations. There are special tools available for creating a content calendar, but you have to spend more time to use them. Twitter has released a calendar template to its users for February month and it has got all the highlights related to the event you want to enter into during this month. The users will be able to get many useful reminders related to Twitter conversation that you want to know with the help of this calendar. There are also some important usage stats as well as trends that can be noted which include about 81 percent audience in Twitter are active to view award shows whereas the volume increases when the show wins as well as with memorable performances. This is really a huge amount which was based on the research made by Twitter Insiders related to award shows during last September 2016.

There is also another report which shows that TV viewers and Twitter users have been increasing like about 42 percent time has been spent in looking at the Twitter Ads related to a particular content. This is considered to be a very important step while looking into the trending discussions in Twitter. According to a report most of the people who were using Twitter as well as watching TV were actively Tweeting and 62 percent of the people would recall brands that have advertised in the program who have not been viewing Twitter. It is not possible to look for trending topics without any risks which are based on the data that showed 88 percent NBA fans will be looking for NBA contents on Twitter even when there are no games running live. One of the most highlighting facts in Twitter is that discussion as well as excitement about the events would encourage the users beyond a particular event.

Another important thing that must be considered while looking to improve your messaging is by simply aligning a relevant conversation. There is also other interesting data which must be consider that would give lot of confidence to offer this calendar and the brands will be able to use quick way to enter into a proper conversations. We have to wait and see how this calendar works in Twitter and how many people will be using it in the right way. This major event calendar from Twitter is expected to support the brands that are looking to find the most important conversations. But this can be a challenging task for most of the brands how they would be using it to find the right conversation. All these research related to the usage of events calendar show that most of the people like to see the major conversation and this is really important for the brands who want to improve their business in a large scale.

Twitter To Replace Moments With Explore Tab

Twitter has been changing Moments tab with different variations such as the Happening tab and Explore tab. Most of the Twitter users have noticed this change happening on this platform. Moments has been still listed on this social channel, but its new tabs featured tabs including Moments, live video and trending now in one section. There has been official confirmation from Twitter that its Moments feature will be replaced with a new Explore tab and it will get shifted from its original place. Now you can see that the Moments feature is still available and it has been placed below the page. This important change from Twitter has been specially made to attract more users and make Twitter much easier to use. The new feature will also be aligned as top priority according to Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter. But many Twitter users may be disappointed if the new feature fails to impress them like the Moments tab.

Moments was first called as Project Lightning which was introduced to solve Twitters major issues because there was a view that Twitter has been a little difficult to use for its non-users. This new feature was expected to increase it the user growth in Twitter, but Moments has not been able to perform as it would actually be done on the social media platform. Even though Moments failed to work, it can be seen in the new Explore tab to create the Moments. This has proved that Moments feature completely failed to attract the users as expected by the company. According to Twitter says most of the users preferred to select Explore tab than the Moments due to various reasons. Twitter has been looking for different options to attract more users to share latest trends and search. During this process, most of the people have been happy with the Explore tab as it helped them get the news that is trending, according to Twitter.

There are no options to share stories in Twitter, but the Moments feature was used by many to fill this gaps. Even though Twitter has decided to change the Moments feature with a new tab, some of the brands can still use the original option to improve their business. The main issue faced by Twitter is Moments was not available for all the Twitter users as it was available only for limited users from the beginning. This has been one of the big drawback to Moments failure. Some of other social channels like Facebook, Snapchat and others have used similar kind of features, but it was available for all its users. We are yet to see how this new option would perform in attracting more people to Twitter. Additionally placing a new tab instead of using the same Moments feature, Twitter ix expected to reach to more users. With the Explore tab we will be able to see the options such as Moments, live video, search and trends in a single place.

Tools To Increase Your Social Media Shares

Social media sharing is very important for a blog to increase visibility of your content and receive more views. By doing this you can also make the visitors of your website to share the blog content to improve your engagement. There are several ways that can help to increase your blog visibility through the social media.

1. Engaging sharing- This is very important step where you have to create images that are able to easily attract more people to the content. Once your images are included in the post, try to make the visitors of your website to share it. You can use the tool such as SumoMe to use social sharing images which can be shared by the user on various social media platforms including Twitter.

2. Using tweetable snippets- To do this you can just include ClickToTweet links in the website and make the visitors to share the content with the help of Twitter. To use this, try to first authorize this app by signing and create a tweet. Then include ClickToTweet link in the text of your content and make the viewers to click on share.

3. Optimize titles- The title of content is really very important as it would be the first thing noticed by the reader of your post. To create the best titles for your post, you can use some of the tools especially available for it which includes BuzzSumo where you can look for content that has most shares. Now you will get an idea about the titles that can attract more viewers. Social Warfare is another tool that can be used to look for the shared when the visitor selects your Tweet button.

4. Reshare your post- Once you have created the content for your post, try to share it multiple times on different timings. Most of the people on the social media will fail to see your content when you are posting it on the social, so try to post it multiple times to make it visible for the online users.

5. Content sharing time- It is also a very important factor to be considered. You have to decide the best time for sharing the content on the social media based on your research. Try to understand about the people you need to attract with the content. Try using the tool SocialBro that will suggest the best times to post your content during the day. This tool will show you the timing of your targeted audience when they are online.

6. Sharing it on other networks- Once you have created the best content that can be shared on the social platform, try to select the most suitable network to get your content published. Then you can slowly share the same content on various social media networks. There are also tools to share your post on various social networks such Scoop.it which allows you to create boards with content to make others follow it.

Twitter Dashboard To Be Closed

Twitter has made a big announcement that it will be closing its most important feature known as dashboard. This feature was introduced by Twitter during last summer and it is mostly useful for the businesses to track the tweets with the help of tools available in it. It is also useful to track other details on Twitter which includes schedule posts, monitor tweets, access analytics and more. According to Twitter, his feature will not be available for the users from February 3rd and there is also further information about the businesses that have been using this feature till now to handle this situation. But Twitter had said that they are expecting to add another feature that would be available for broader community. It is one of the best tool to analyze you marketing strategy on the social media platform.

The dashboard feature did not have a large number of user base which can be one of the main reason for its shutdown. It was also ranked as a low as 432 in the category of Business apps on iTunes. As per a report this feature was downloaded about 40,000 times only since its introduction across the world and just 3,000 times during the last few months. The dashboard was able to see some growth in Twitter Engage which was the best option available for the celebrities and influencers on the social media platform including the analytics. Twitter was planning to provide a product for its users involved into business and most of them were able to handle social media directly and leave a presence.

This is considered to be a very important move from Twitter where it would fully close the dashboard features that were available for the users on the iOS application as well as the website. Twitter also announced that it will be closing its other application called as vine and converting it into camera app. The users who are using the feature Periscope app is also being reduced due to the live streaming options available in Twitter itself. People use to access this dashboard feature in Twitter to get complete information related to mentions of their business and even schedule the tweets well in advance along with the details about their tweet performance.

This feature also had a feature where you can mention particular negative keywords that would filter the keywords that is not related to your business. You were also able to add a company URL to know if someone mentions your company without tagging the Twitter handle. With all these unique features, Twitter dashboard was really an amazing feature that would really be useful for the businesses. But now Twitter has decided to close it permanently and there are no further information about how to use similar feature with other options available in Twitter. The businesses that have already been using this dashboard feature from Twitter would really be missing it which would also affect their business.

Creating Visual Content To Get More Engagement

Those who are looking to boost their social media engagement, it is possible to do with some attractive visual contents. There are different types of visual contents available, but you must know which one would be able to attract more engagement. When you want to use the visual contents, make sure to select the images which can attract more users on the social media platform. The visual element used in your social media content can easily increase its visibility and attract more people to view your content leading to easy engagement. There are lots of tools that can be used to create more interesting visuals and reach to the people on social media.

1. Illustrate the words- Try to illustrate the words using visual tricks and make them interesting. It is also possible to create graphic impact on your content with this technique. The viewers can easily get attracted when you use such illustrated words in your content and making it more appealing visually.

2. Visual bullets- It is available with lot of images such as headline, pictures as well as captions. You must give a complete attention to these visual bullets for using it in the best place of your content. Each visual bullet will be referred as your headline and you can use them even if it is not related to each other.

3. Storyboards- This is almost similar to visual bullets as it also features headlines as well as captions. There is one important difference in this option like storyboard has interconnected captions that can be used to create clear instructions to explain your viewers.

4. Memes- It has pictures along with unique captions that is very much popular among most of the social media users. You can create the meme by just adding caption in the image and every meme will feature a message in it. It is also considered to be the best option that is able to bring high returns of engagement.

5. Comparisons- In this you can compare two images for finding the best opposing attributes. This option is best to inform and even also pass information. The viewers can easily get attracted with this option and they will be pas to others on the social media platform.

6. Diagram- This is a form of an infographic where you will just take one image and explain its concept in your headline. You can share interesting information with this image and make it more engaging for the readers. The diagram images can help to educate the viewers similar to the storyboards and make them happy.

It is not easy to know what type of images can attract more viewers, but you must keep trying all the above options to maintain your content fresh. To create visual content you must spend more time on the social media and you must also use more creativity. You will be able to find the best images that can get more shares for your content.

Steps To Get Twitter Audience Insights

There are users who will be looking to use the data in Twitter that is able to get a tweet stream into their account. Even though Twitter is not considered to be more popular among people when compared to various social media platform, the number of tweets send through the network is really more. It is also possible to have a real-time conversation on Twitter and get information about improving brand values. So how do you use the Twitter data to get the right kind of audience insights.

1. Complex data- It is easy to remove the most complex data and insights which are normally used by a team. But all these data can be used by a single person with key points and unlock the most useful as well as relevant data. It will always take more time to narrow your search and then set up your own search stream according to the relevant activity. Try to use Twitter search to get some creative data and discuss about your brand on this social media platform. You can also use these creative search to highlight your relevant tweets and use it for tracking the tweets in real-time. To begin this process, try to discover what your prospective customers will be discussing about your brand and what type of words they will be using to discover your product in Twitter. Try using the tool TweetDeck to search the best tweets on the social media and create a simple column that would gather all the real-time tweets.

2. Most relevant conversation- Another way to find the best audience insights is by finding the most relevant conversation in Twitter. It is easy to find the most relevant content using the feature Moments which would easily refine the algorithms and highlight the important relevant content related to your brand. To do this most effectively you can use the tool Nuzzel which is a tool from that is capable of highlighting some of the most unique as well as popular topics made by the Twitter followers. You can access this tool to see the most shared content during the last 24 hours and track the important discussions. It also features engagement filters that shows minimum retweets and replies that can help to highlight the important mentions related to the discussion.

3. Interesting content- This is the most simple way of knowing more about interesting topics among the people whom you would like to interact. There are also few tools to do this process in the most effective manner which includes Allmytweets. In this tool you have to just enter Twitter handle to get the listing of more than 3000 users and their latest tweets. The tweets are also available with the posting time that can be used to for keyword search in Twitter and analyze most mentioned keywords with the help of a app. You must spend some time to get the perfect insights of audience data in Twitter.

Using Twitter Ads For Social Advertisers

Twitter ads are the best option to promote your brand on this social media platform. Apart from normal Twitter ads, there are also other features that make really unique that is not available in other social channels. The following are some of the new features that help to make Twitter ads more effective than others. Twitter can be the best place for advertisers as it can offer the best solution to support the brands. You can also get best return for the investment made on the advertising in Twitter.

1. Performance based payment- Twitter ads are used to promote your brand and you can make payment only for the result achieved. You can use Twitter ads for more engagement and even for website conversions. For example, you can run campaign for app install and pay for genuine app installs. While running followers campaign, payment can be made only when people select Follow button to follow your Twitter account.

2. Target based on keyword- This is the most important feature in Twitter ads that can be used to reach particular people based on the keyword. With this option you can reach the people using particular keyword. In other social networks like Facebook, it is not possible to search using the keywords. It is really the most amazing feature available to promote the Twitter ads.

3. Tweet targeting- It is also another perfect option to target your audience in the best way. If you follow this method of advertising, it is possible to remarket the people who have engaged using your tweet. This is also known to be the best option for Twitter advertising. It will make your work of searching on this social media platform really simple as you can reach the audience based on the tweet. You will have an option to target the users who have really engaged to your tweets. Hashtag targeting is also another way of targeting your audience which is really creative for the advertisers.

4. Customize your audience- With the Twitter ads, it is also possible to reach for users following a particular Twitter account. You can also use some of the special tool available to search for the followers of Twitter account. It is also possible to create customized list of audience for targeting with the Twitter ads. You can do all this with a user’s handle in Twitter and reach to people using promoted tweets. If you create a customized list of audience, you can just target those particular Twitter users.

5. Low click rates- Twitter allows you to click for a very low cost which is normally based on auction. This is really useful for the marketers who want to promote their brand on this social media platform. It is also very cheap when compared to other networks and there is also no competition. The engagement received by the Twitter users can also be really amazing for the advertisers who use ads to promote their brand.

Welcome Messages In Twitter And Quick Replies

Twitter has been the most used social media platform even though there have been few discussion about its decline in recent times. To prevent all these things surrounding the social media platform, Twitter has been improving its customer service by introducing new tools. They had introduced Direct Message options that is able to provide larger information related to their account along with the time when you will get the reply from. The brands that have been more responsive to its customers are expected to get lot of benefits from the social media platform. It is also possible to get positive results that can lead to higher revenue as well as good customer satisfaction. Now Twitter has introduced new options that can automate the interactions with your social media customers with the help of Direct Message. Twitter has introduced the new feature which includes Welcome Messages and Quick Replies.

With these options, if a person starts interacting with your business account through the direct message, it is possible to send a greeting message to them which will also feature welcome message. With few simple steps you can add this option into your Twitter account from the settings page. According to Twitter, the Welcome messages will help the businesses to send a greeting message to the people with Direct Message before they decide to send a message to your business account. The businesses will be able to create more than one welcome message along with deep link through Tweets. Apart from sending a welcome message the customers can also select options to send a Quick Reply. The Quick Reply options include Check the status of a ticket, Submit a feature request, Get help with a technical issue and Something else. With Quick replies the every businesses users will be able to greet their customer through the Direct Message whether by creating their own message or selecting the best reply from the list of available options.

Quick reply option also supports your businesses to suggest people the best way to send a reply through Direct Message and with these four options the users can select particular text values to send the reply. Both these features are available for all the Twitter users who have latest version of the app and these features can be seen in the Direct Message conversations. Those business that offer support through the Direct Messages, they can create standard welcome message that would greet the visitors. You can set this from the Twitter support settings page in Dashboard and start greeting the people when a conversation gets started. Twitter has introduced these features in the Direct Messages that would help the people to get good experiences using their businesses account on this social media platform. These features are really new in Twitter that can be really interesting when your start using them as a business. You can also attract the customers immediately by looking at your direct message and quick replies.

360 Video Available For Twitter Users

Twitter recently announced plans for their future development at an event and mainly they are working on the 360 video options. But now Twitter has introduced the first view of this most interesting feature which live 360 videos that is available in Twitter as well as Periscope. The 360 degree video screen can be seen while you tilt the mobile device on different directions and even when you swipe the screen. This adds a completely unique element to your Twitter video experience and this is expected to become a very important feature for the live broadcasters. Facebook also introduced their 360 video options few weeks ago which is similar to the Twitter 360 streaming and Twitter allows all the users to have a fun with this option. But in Periscope, only few selected people will be able to use this feature now.

We are yet to see how this new features attracts the users in Twitter as Facebook with larger audience also offers the same type of feature for its users. In Periscope, you can use the 360 degree live videos option with a new icon. The videos are said to have a badge mark and when you view 360 broadcast we can just change the viewing point by simply moving the mobile. The 360 videos are available only for a small amount of people at present in Periscope and it is expected to become easily useful for other in the coming few weeks. The live 360 video is considered to be a very huge step from Twitter where it will be moving to a next level in the social media platform. Anyone can easily be creative with this 360 video feature and share experience in a very unique way. Twitter is also supporting users to create a very immersive and engaging experience with this feature. The 360 content viewing will give a very new experience to the Twitter users and mainly those who like sharing videos regularly.

Twitter users have been engaging with people with various methods on this platform and the new 360 video is additional feature that would easily attract different group of people. The 360 cameras are also available very easily and you can purchase one for capturing the right moment before posting it in Twitter. The new feature has just been introduced by Twitter and more updates related to this are still expected. As the 360 content is readily available in Twitter, we have to use it to know how to handle it in the right way to get more engagement. Most of the brands want to promote their product in a unique way and this new feature can be a step ahead for all such users. It is left to the business users to know how efficiently they can use this 360 video content to attract more audience. You have to purchase a particular tool to capture the 360 degree video and use it with your mobile device.