Moments To Feature Vertical Ads

Twitter has been making changes to Moments and now they are going to introduce a full-screen, new vertical ads that are expected to support people on this social media platform. In this new update, Moments ads can be seen on a ‘full-screen Vertical Video’ within Moments that is almost similar to Snapchat and other similar networks. Twitter has been concentrating on its video features, but with Moments, they have been doing lot of changes with a slight confusion. The Moments features was made available for all the users from last September as this feature is known to create more engaging and a full-screen content streams on Twitter. When Twitter announced Moments feature for the first time, it was available only for few users on the social media platform. But Twitter Moments failed to attract the users and this has led them introduce new features to engage the users.

Twitter has been trying hard to make the Moments feature more attractive to its users as they are expecting it to become one of the important elements in their process. Moments can be Twitter’s Stories as it will allow the users to create their own and make it available on Moments tab. The Moments tab was replaced with the ‘Explore’ option that features the original Moments feature making it an effective tool. The Moments features also help the users to share a tweet content which makes it really an interesting feature. There has been lot of argument related to vertical video whether it should be part of Twitter and many are furious to know what the suggestion would be among the Twitter users. There will be depreciation in the quality for the video creators with vertical content as you cannot produce a video in the stretch format.

The alignment in which the viewers are commonly engaging on the social media channel to watch the video will be compromised which can be hard to make the people understand. In order to see how the people response on this new changes from Twitter, we have to just assess the audience metrics. Moments ads are expected to offer another option for the Twitter users and we have to see how Twitter is going to produce usage stats to know how good this option has performed. This is really a worthy experiment from Twitter that is also expected to support the brands while launching their new products on the social media platform. There are a number of brands who have seen good results from Moments content and with this new feature the response can be really engaging. Twitter users have been expecting to see new features that would keep them engaged to this platform and Twitter has been moving ahead in the right direction to fulfill their user expectations. We have to see how the Moments video ads will work among the Twitter users once it is being by the people on this major social media platform.

Twitter To Broadcast Bloomberg Content

Twitter has revealed about its new agreement with Bloomberg where they will broadcast Bloomberg content on this social media platform. This idea about broadcasting live video was revealed by Twitter last year as they live streamed NFL games that saw the participation of 2.7-million viewers. But Twitter lost its live broadcast rights recently that were able to provide a significant benefit to them. Twitter also announced few months back that they have signed a new deal that will help to broadcast National Lacrosse League- NLL which is a small sport. This lead to a lot of criticism as Twitter was ready to broadcast everything that they would like to show on their platform. Twitter also streamed recently Halo World Championships which is based on other small fan based market.

All these steps from Twitter only have smaller audiences and they cannot provide good amount of money. They have also signed another deal with Pac-12 university sports and others sources to broadcast the events in a wide range. Although these have small number of audience, this will provide an opportunity to Twitter for building up a large audience in a slower rate. Once they are able to cover the audience in large numbers they will become an important place for the entire niche markets that would attract more advertisers to them. The advertisers will be able to promote their products effectively that would reach to an entire group of social audience.

At present Bloomberg streams content 24/7 based on other service providers via Twitter along with a small broadcast costs that would help them create focused niche deals. Bloomberg reporters have known to work for a long period to create focused and by streaming in Twitter, they will be able to use individual stream making it an important factor for the development of this both networks. Bloomberg will not be reaching to large number of audience with this, but it will make each stream an important information source that would be effective for the advertisers to reach a particular market. Earlier this kind of broadcast involved more money, but now the streams are so flexible that it seems more effective.

We are yet to know that Bloomberg has resources to stream niche broadcasts 24/7 even though they are streaming in different markets 24/7 at present as well. Bloomberg is always been looking to use the user-generated content from Twitter for this process that will give them the chance to broadcast market-specific content in future. This will also give Twitter a chance to stream events on daily basis based on a particular niche as discussion keep on happening on this social media channel regularly. Twitter has been expecting to have such a deal that would attract more audience to their platform and with Bloomberg it is possible to make their plan successful. If Twitter follows in the same step, they will be able to reach their targeted audience in the right way very soon.

Twitter Stats To Reinforce Video Contents

Twitter has been experimenting with videos to attract the new and existing users. According to a report more internet users have been online to view videos and Twitter is trying to gain this popularity to attract more users to its network. By watching live videos and the ways to interact as well as comment in real time makes Twitter the most interesting platform to keep the people engaged. Twitter will also face tough competition from other similar sources such as Facebook who are also trying to do the same in their network to keep the people attracted. Twitter is one of the best place to see TV based conversation and most of the people want to keep their reviews public to get engaged into a deeper discussion. Twitter has point out few interesting stats to reinforce its video content on the social media platform.

1. Engaging with audience- The audience of Twitter engage themselves to watch live videos including regularly scheduled program. Twitter is also planning to connect with a number of video service providers to get a regular telecasting program that would offer general ads for its viewers.

2. Coverage size- According to report the number of viewers tuned to watch live-stream on Twitter is really more when compared to other content partners. Twitter has been trying to create its own portfolio with live video options to create live content awareness among the users and increase the engagement.

3. Immediate impact- Another study from Twitter along with the Omnicom Media Group showed more Twitter users browsing through their timelines responded to various social media using a video as center of focus. The study also showed that short videos were able to attract user engagement when compared to longer videos on the social media platform. The real time tweet stream will be easily accessible by the audience that could support the advertisers to produce a non-disruptive ad experience in videos.

4. Ads with in-stream videos- Twitter had also announced mid-roll video ads recently which are an outreach tool that will be available with other options. The ads during a premium live event are expected to have completion rates that are really more and this makes a best place to make the video ads easily reachable to the audience.

5. Effects of video- As per a research, Twitter video campaigns are said to increase the ad recall efficiently to increase the brand awareness and enhance the brand association. Twitter says more number of video ads will be viewed by people with new verification contract.

There are also other social media networks like Twitter that are focusing on video ads to attract the audience, but Twitter is using niche to keep the audience engaged. Twitter is expected to start broadcasting of more live events to make it easily a popular platform to view videos. The video broadcast has been increase by Twitter as the live streams are gaining more attraction from the targeted audience.

Twitter Announces Mid-Roll Video Ads

Twitter has revealed a new mid-roll video ad to attract the people who are using videos to promote their business through videos. A pre-roll video ad was seen on Twitter for selected content till now and now they have extended the same feature in the Periscope streams which will give the advertisers an option to add it in their mid-stream video ad to increase the revenues. According to Twitter, this option will not be new to the consumers as they have been watching videos through their mobiles. Twitter is expected to see a user growth with the in-stream video ads as most of the people will be using their mobile device to view the videos. Even there is a small drawback for this mid-roll videos ad as people dislike these types of ads before watching the video and they use ad blockers to prevent the ads from playing. There was also a survey conducted last year where people didn’t want to watch the news videos due to the pre-roll ads.

The mid-roll video ad content from Twitter is slightly different from the usual video ads that play before playing the video.  Twitter has also introduced new stats to highlight the importance of on-platform video ads. According to a report, the people who viewed the video ads were aware of advertiser’s brand and some of them were even supportive to the brand. It also had a higher percentage of purchase rates after watching the video ads on Twitter. The Twitter video ads are expected to two times more reachable to the people when compared to other similar ads on other platforms. This has become a major source for Twitter to increase the number of users as they have been introducing new options to fight the decline of Twitter users. Twitter is mainly concentrating on its video content to make it easy for a real-time discussion with the social media audience and the result for all these new features are still expected.

The brands will be able to make the video experiences better for their consumers and advertisers who are part of this social media network. The marketers will be able to manage the video impact on the customers and increase the level of engagement received through this social media channel. The audiences who are part of Twitter have a mindset being more responsive and expect the video content to be more effective when compared to other similar platforms. Twitter has been promoting videos ads automatically as it is available for selected publishers for sometime which is able to bring more audience and supports the advertisers in reaching a larger audience. This social media channel has been a safer place for video ads of the advertisers as they are allowed to run in-stream video content and highlight them to reach the right partners. This one of the biggest move from Twitter to achieve big with the video ads that has become a trend among the advertisers.

Periscope Videos Gets Custom Hearts

There is a new announcement from Twitter where they will introduce a new feature that will help the brands to use Custom Hearts in the Periscope videos. The Custom Hearts can be seen on top of the screen in a broadcast at the same place where the normal Periscope hearts were seen previously. The brands can also create their customized logos and icons that can be used in a broadcast. Periscope hearts can give a unique experience for live video viewers on Twitter as well as Periscope which will help the social media audience to easily engage by just tapping on the hearts. With the help of Custom Hearts, you can also customize the Periscope hearts to promote your campaign giving a unique live experience. The hearts will be seen in the video and are sent by the audience by tapping the screen, giving brands an opportunity to capture a high number of engage from start to end which will allow the audience to reveal their interest about your content.

There is still no record about how the Custom Hearts can increase the view counts, but they are really interesting to attract more engagement. You can increase your brand awareness by simply using several touch-points and these hearts are expected to create another element that can increase the ways of connection. You can activate the Custom Hearts with a particular hashtag in your broadcast title while creating a broadcast through relevant hashtag. The Custom hearts can remain active that will occasionally stay get linked between normal heart icons. According to Twitter, Custom Hearts are perfect choice for using it along with the pre-roll ads during the sponsorships of your brand related broadcasts. There will be no additional functionality with your live broadcasts, it is possible to increase your brand message with the help of pre-roll ads as well as Custom Hearts in the same stream.

Till now there is no proper information from Twitter about how many Custom Hearts will cost for the advertisers, but Twitter can give information when the brands contact them. Is there a possibility of finding revenue potential for Twitter with these options is still unknown, but it can be a perfect choice mainly for the live video broadcast. Twitter has been revealing lot of new options to attract more users to their platform. The Custom Hearts are one of the features that are expected to reach the audience in large numbers. The brands will be able to use these Custom Hearts to promote their product through live broadcasts. You can create a new customized campaign-specific icon in place of the standard Periscope hearts which are normally seen on top of the broadcast screen. It is also very easy to apply these icons on the broadcast as you must follow the same method that was used to select the Periscope hearts in the video. They are really an amazing way to attract the audience including the brands effectively.

Twitter Lite Introduced To Attract More Users

Twitter Lite is a new data-efficient update to their app which will help the users with low connectivity in their area can get the tweet stream. This update can also be the best option for those who have restrictive data usage. Twitter is one of the most used social media channel all around the world and many tap into Twitter to just to get the present news updates. But to use Twitter in the most efficient way, the users must have data connections from their mobile networks. The users must have a decent data connection to use Twitter more effectively, but Twitter has made introduced its Lite version which will be a perfect option for the low data users. The Twitter Lite is expected to limit the data usage of users and it is able to loads faster even with slower connections. It is said to be 30% faster than the standard version of Twitter and the users will be able to navigate through Twitter very fast with this update. The storage size for Twitter Lite is also very less as it consumes just 1mb in your mobile device.

Twitter Lite is also available with a ‘data saver’ option that is expected to reduce the requirements of your mobile data. With the data saver option it is possible to see images and videos preview before using it your post. By this you will be able to save the data usage by 70% which is really the best work by Twitter that would support the users who face expensive mobile data. Twitter has introduced this new version to attract the user in India as they have introduced this along with the partnership of Vodafone who offer updates of live cricket. Presently Twitter is used to send tweets related to IPL- Indian Premier League matches and Vodafone is said to have more than 200 million subscribers. India is known to have second largest population and about 26% people use internet of daily basis.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media channel in the country where people share various information on regular basis. Most of the user stay online using their data connections, but some of them face poor data connection that keeps them away from Twitter most of the time. Now people in India are using Twitter to share real-time updates about T20 cricket and with Vodafone Twitter will be able to attract more number of users very easily to access its lighter version. This is one of the best options offered by Twitter to attract more users and maintain its current users. Twitter is offering its own data-friendly version that is expected to increase their popularity among the users who have low network connection. The users can download Twitter Lite by visiting the page from their mobile device and tablet.  It is one of the steps from Twitter to stay on top in the social media market where there is heavy competition.

Twitter Options Being Changed Regularly

Twitter has been making more changes on its network as it has been featuring new tools and options to attract more users. Twitter has been facing lot of criticism during last few years due to the lack of controlling trolls on this platform and they are unable to deal with in the most effective manner. Due to all this criticism, Twitter has been making some positive changes on its network to deal with the trolls which includes content filters, reporting tools, blocking options, etc. All these efforts is a positive move from Twitter as it is taking them in a right direction. Now Twitter has been saying that they are going to change their ‘egg’ avatar into a grayed human form that is expected to attract the users to use their actual photo. The change of egg avatar is a very small move from Twitter to deal with the trolls but it is expected to not have a big affect on the users. According to Twitter this important change is expect to have a significant impact and they will be trying to add features to tackle the trolls on their platform even if this new options fails to have any impact.

In the same way Twitter also introduced new replies option few days back where the look of the replies will be changed in its app and handles will be removed from character count. The number of people in a conversation will be included to e-mail such as recipients line just over your tweet content. This replies change from Twitter has started to get more criticism where the people started to say that this option has been placed to confuse the users as the previous option was really helpful as it was simple for using. The new option is simple for the new users who can easily understand it, but the existing users may find it difficult to use. There were also few announcements from Twitter users that they are going to leave this platform, but there was a small change in it. Twitter is also facing competition from other similar version called as Mastodon that was able to attract more users whereas the use of replies option started to decrease.

Twitter had earlier show that they are ready to listen to their users and make some changes to their platform. According to Twitter they are ready make some important changes if the users like them and even role back other updated changes that fail to keep the user engaged with this social media channel. For example, Twitter rolled back its list notifications changes due to the response from the community. Twitter has been feeling less secure as they are making major changes such as Moments moved to a section of new tab and Vine being declined. Even making all this new updates, Twitter still remains the most important social media platform to engage with people and offer a good customer service for brands.

New Location-Sharing Option From Twitter

Twitter has announced a new tool for location-sharing for customer service with the help of direct message services. Twitter is considered to be a leader among all the social media networks to offer good customer service using the tweets. The tweets help the customers with more control to get all the answers for their questions quickly. There are also other social media channels that have been giving tough competition for Twitter in providing customers service options. They have introduced messengers to handle important customer service along with other personal benefits. The major focus for Twitter in the present time is to control the online trolls and make it easy for its users to handle their social media account. Most of the new users will feel free to use Twitter and also stream live sports without getting trolled. Twitter has been putting additional efforts to offer good customers service options for the users and offer other new options along with latest trends.

In the latest effort from Twitter to offer good customers service is the introduction of their new tool known as location sharing through DM which is expected to support the brands to give most relevant service to their customers. Location-sharing is an interesting tool that can help all the users on this social media platform to find the way to use location data that offers additional utility. For Example Facebook had been using the location sharing option that has gives access to various information like your present location and where you had been. Bu Twitter provides a new value for the location sharing option which is almost similar to nearby variations and other options that can be used by the location data.

This is one the best steps taken by Twitter which is very important to enhance their direct messaging service for the customer service. Few months back, Twitter had also introduced new options and tools especially for the brands to offer best customers service that includes ‘Message’ button. Another new option was included by Twitter called as welcome message to greet the customers before the DM conversation which would also send quick replies and automate the process. All these additional options introduced by Twitter is expected to support the brands who want to use this social media network to provide good customers service for their consumers.

One of the major focus for Twitter is providing customer service options for the brand accounts, but they are doing this to attract more number of new users. All these new tools are expected to support the brands to have good connection with their consumers and increase the efforts of customer service options. This makes Twitter one of the best social media channel to engage with the customers and provide additional support through tweets. The process is really simple as Twitter wants every brand to use their platform and the introduction of new location sharing tool through DM is a major step in it.

Twitter Includes Analytics Tools In Periscope

Twitter has been adding more updates in its network to attract more audience through its live video options. They had introduced pre-roll ads available in Periscope content that is able to play both live videos and replays. But now Twitter has announced that it would be adding analytics tools that is expected to further improve their live-stream videos. The announcement features new ‘Activity’ tab that would feature different engagements on Periscope streams and it also offers an overview of the viewed content along with followers who have newly joined your account. You can also see the videos that have been watched by the people and which of your video was able to make them your followers on Twitter. All these can help to know how your content is performing along with additional context that helps to increase your Periscope followers.

Periscope is also expected to add other notifications in their tab that would show how it has been used by the people. They are also offering another requested feature that will give an in-depth analytics of the Periscope streams. The tab would feature overview of the key metrics along with video duration, time watched, viewers and number of times watched by the viewer. With these data you can help to know and redefine the Periscope strategy that will help the publishers to use focused strategies to improve their performance. The broadcasters were expecting few streaming analytics from Twitter and most of the advertisers have been away from Twitter due to reduced number of audience. The Periscope dashboard is expected to give more assurance to the advertisers that they can attract the audience in more number when compared to other social media channels.

Another important Periscope feature introduced is the way you can watch Periscope videos from the Twitter Moments. Moments has not yet been an important part of Twitter experience till now from the day it was launched, but relevant changes Twitter is giving its users an option to create Moments that has become a popular way of attracting the audience to other social platforms. Twitter has removed Moments from its function bar and moved it to the ‘Explore’ tab that shows how Moments is performance among the Twitter audience. Moments can be a lot cooler option for the Twitter users if they use it in the right manner and by including Periscope content with Moments, it can really helpful to view live videos. The new options can be really an exciting feature in Periscope if you have been using it from a long time and it will give a new way to increase your performance. The Periscope analytics can be seen the users in the Periscope profile of your web version and the activity tab can be seen on Android as well as iOS based mobile device. Now viewers will be able to see Periscope video under Moments from their Android device immediately and iOS user must wait till its introduction.