Twitter’s Engage App And Its Features

The engage app from Twitter is one of the best option that can help to manage your success in this social media platform. It is not possible to know the content that is followed by the users in Twitter and by knowing this you will be able to use your strategy accordingly. The engage app does exactly this as it helps you to assess the users analytics and make the changes. There are different types of options available in this new engage app which is not seen in your Twitter app. Here are few features that can be commonly used by the Twitter user in this new app more effectively.

1. Top section- This part of the app shows if a user has tweeted, interacted or followed. There are no ways that you can miss a detail about the influencer and you can easily get connected to them. You can use your brand name or personal in this option to save more time without losing any opportunities.

2. Mentions section- You can see if anyone has mentioned you on tweets and this is completely a different Notifications section when compared to original Twitter app . This section only shows mentions and divides other actions. Those who are new to Twitter and if you are not a regular Twitter user, this option can be of great help.

3. Verified section- This section is considered to be very much useful as it features all the notifications from Verified accounts. There is no need to put additional effort to follow or mention in the Twitter that is normally done in your Twitter app. All these things can be done in this simple section of the engage app.

4. Live section- It is one of the section that can be helpful for a regular Twitter user. This part allows you to see the recent content on the social media platform that can be made use to adjust your engaging strategy. It also features impressions such as retweets, video views, likes and more all in one place. You will be able to see the information about your last 7 days and adjust the content if your followers are reducing.

5. Tweeting about- You will be able to see the topics that are discussed among your own followers in this section. This section is just like the tending option in the actual Twitter app. You can send a tweet if you see a hashtag which is related to your brand. It is possible to reach your audience directly related to your brand with this option.

6. Audience- This is one of the best option in available in the engage app which helps you to know the location of your followers. It is possible to see the time zone of your followers if you have them all over the world. You can easily know what is trend in their location and act accordingly with the help of this feature.

Using Tweet Grid Option In Twitter

Tweet Grid is a embeddable option that is helpful for the Twitter users to use the tweets and its activity. It is possible to show the content on the websites using this new option embedding system and the users can show their tweet collections. To use this option you can follow this simple technique. By doing this you will be able to create a good looking tweet content that can easily increase the standard of your tweets. Thos who would like to maintain their embedded collection up to date, they must just update list along with the grid to see the changes. This option can be used by anyone to make their tweet content look amazing that can easily attract more people.

1. Create a log in into the TweetDeck- TweetDeck is not accessible for most of the users as it is mainly available for particular publishers. After creating an account in TweetDeck, select the option ‘+’ located at left side and then go to the option ‘Collection’ stream.

2. Sending your Tweets to Collection column- Try to select the tweets that need to be sent in the collection column by dragging them across to the column with the help of directional arrow option placed at bottom right in each of your tweet. You can just pull your tweets across to make it appear in grid. The tweet that will be pulled first will go below each time when a new tweet it dragged into the column.

3. Taking the collection to your Twitter account- After collecting all the contents in the grid, try to select column options and choose Share option from bottom before selecting View option in Twitter. Now you will see a new window that will features all the collection in Twitter.

4. Adding Collection URL in publish.twitter- The Twitter users can easily create their own collection till they are able to. Then you will be able to use the ‘Publish’ platform where the URL will be entered from Twitter. Now the Publish will show the grid of collection and embed code that can be use to see new collection in the site.

After following this process you can also see the embed code that can be used to see the preview of your content. By doing all these, you will be able to include a new option that can be helpful in highlighting your Twitter activity for a lot of new audience. All these collections options will be connected to TweetDeck, Curator and more that can be useful in improving the tweet content. The users can easily update the tweet collections automatically on the website or app. There is no need to use any kind of embed code additionally or any other updates ir required to the website. Most of the people would like to use this option to improve the tweet content as it can help to get noticed by all of the live audience very easily.

Using Twitter For Periscope Broadcasts

Twitter is one of the source that can help you to promote Periscope broadcasts with a very simple method. By doing this you will easily get exposed to a wide range of audience. There are few important things that must be taken care while developing your Periscope audience using Twitter.

1. Broadcasting live streams in Twitter- First try to download the Periscope and use the log in option using Twitter. You must try to authorize the Periscope for using it in the Twitter account. Try to enter few details about your broadcast and select both Twitter and public option. There will be an option such as Start Broadcast to start your live stream to begin your broadcast.

2. Engage Twitter accounts in A Broadcast- Try to ask questions in the broadcast titles to support the engagement. Also mention the details about the future broadcasts that will happen in your Periscope by tweeting it. Make sure to tag the user who has starred in the broadcast. It is possible to get engaged in a effective manner by communicating perfectly with the audience.

3. Use hashtags to reach more Audience- Hashtags can be a part of perfectly organized tweet and each time a broadcast is tweeted, the Twitter can add Periscope hashtag automatically to the tweet. Add popular hashtags to reach out to more users using the tweet and avoid using any kind of unusual hashtags.

4. Broadcasting along with Twitter Ads- You can promote the broadcast using the Twitter adds to reach to more audience both in and outside the community of your followers. But this option is available only after making a payment. After making the payment try to make your first ad and make sure to enter the campaign name before selecting the time. You must also mention your particluar targeted audience to get the best response to the broadcast.

5. Results- There are few things that can help to know the results of the broadcasts such as watch time, viewer count and replays. You must also track the number of tweets you have received for the broadcast, comments received and favorites. Also track how many users have clicked in your tweet including number of interactions. Those who are promoting their tweets by making payment, it is possible to get more access to the data.

You must also give attention to some of the simple things to analyze your broadcast like which is the best broadcast that has received more attention from the people and select the same type of broadcast. Try to track the time in which the broadcast have been watched during the day and the people who have engaged with the broadcasts. Most of the marketers can get the best solution for their business by using the Twitter as well as Periscope in an effective way. You will get a good idea about using both these tools in an effective manner after making few broadcasts and receiving the audience response.

Steps To Maintain Multiple Accounts In Twitter

Having multiple accounts in Twitter is very simple, but managing them is not so easy. There few tools that can help in maintaining multiple Twitter accounts. But others can also use the following steps to maintain the accounts perfectly.

1. Connecting with Twitter accounts- Use TweetDeck by opening an account in it. You can create a login and add number of accounts with the same login. Use the dashboard in TweetDeck to connect with accounts. You can include more accounts depending upon your choice using the same login id. To get connected with more accounts, just select Accounts icon at the bottom in navigation bar, then select the option Add Another Twitter Account. Next enter your username along with password for every account that you like to manage.

2. Adding Listening Streams- TweetDeck also has a feature that can be used for adding streams in real-time. There are number of streams that can be selected including user, mentions, messages, lists, etc. For adding the stream, just go to Add Column option located in navigation bar and select column type to add. Messages stream helps to read as well as reply to the direct messages from all the accounts that have been added in the TweetDeck. It is also easy to create separate column for maintaining direct messages in each account. Try to track the messages for multiple accounts using same column with the help of Messages stream. There are important streams that must be added such as Notifications which is a stream that helps you to see the new follower and if anyone tries to add your to the list. Mentions also help to monitor the tweet which mentions the Twitter handle during first time and part of conversation.

3. Monitoring and Engaging- After setting up the TweetDeck streams, it is possible to get a better of view in a single dashboard. It is important to stay active on daily bais to manage Twitter effectively. Monitor your messages closely to make the user interact easily with your brand. Retweet good contents that are worth publishing in the lists and mentions. Scheduling your tweets by selecting New Tweet icon located at the top-left side of the page. Try to get into a conversation with people and mainly with the potential customers by replying to the tweets. Search for events as well as other conversations that are relevant to your brand with the help of hashtags. The hasgtags are the best way to follow a particular even and to find the related tweets. Try to follow new people to get engaged with them and relevant to your brand with the help of notifications and other options.

TweetDeck is one of the most used tool to maintain multiple account in Twitter and this is useful for those who want to create a company profile in Twitter. You can do all your activities in a single dashboard with the help of TweetDeck by sitting in a single place.

Improving Your Business With Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are the best ways to maintain the Twitter experience in a perfect manner. The Twitter lists can be used to find the right users to follow. To do this you must first create the Twitter list by just clicking on the lists option. Now you will find the option Create New List at the right side. Next select the Twitter list and add description before setting the privacy. For a public list, you must select the best name and description as it can make other people to follow. Go through various Twitter profile to add them to your lists. You can go to setting to add and remove the lists. Here are few simple steps that can help to use the Twitter lists for better business experience.

1. Keeping track of Competitors- It is important to keep Twitter accounts of the competitors in the list so they can be monitored very easily. Tweets made by the competitors can be monitored. Make sure to check their updates and offers to know what is their strategy.

2. Keep in touch with Industry Leaders- Monitor the leaders in your brand by adding it into your powerful list. This list will help to manage and also improve the relationship along with the leaders. By following their tweets, you will be able to engage easily with them. Make a small list of industry leaders to add more value to your Twitter account.

3. Engage yourself with the Employees- Employee list can be the best tool to help the employees and to know them better as well as integrate along with new employees. This is the best way to find the people in the company using the Twitter list.

4. Make a list of Events- Make a Twitter list which must include speakers as well as attendees as it is a perfect way to organize event marketing. People who will not attend the event can develop a good relationship with the attendees and follow activity of the event.

5. Having a good Customer Relationship- Twitter has been one of the best base to maintain a customer relationship. Follow the tweets and try to interact with the customers regularly with the help of tweets. You can reach the customers directly and share the events that they missed.

6. Following Bloggers- Make a list of people who can inculde those who about your brand. Twitter can be used as the best platform to develop relationships along with media persons which can help in receiving direct opportunities. You can also use Twitter for sharing important things to your active followers and get engaged with them on regular basis.

Twitter is very popular way to share information by interacting to develop a good relationship with people with same brands. Use Twitter to make your brand popular and also to get organized. Anyone can improve their Twitter experience with the help of the lists and it can also help in reaching out with more people.

Tips To Start Your Twitter Chats

Twitter chat can be done using a unique hashtag that helps to participate in a discussion. The chats will be recurring and mainly on particular topics that helps to connect with the people of various interests. The twitter chat can be used for various purposes such as,
-Encourage social media presence that can make more people to follow and participate in the chats.
-You can also get information about your questions asked in the community.
-Engaging into various social media activities related to your business.

There are few things that can help in creating your twitter chats successfully.
1. Before starting your own chat in twitter. Enter into other twitter chats related to your brand. Search using Google search to find the suitable chatting place. You can also use some of the tools that are available to track the twitter chats. Some of them can also suggest you the upcoming chats suitable for your brand.

2. Now you will have an idea how to proceed after participating into the relevant twitter chats. This is the most important step which is using the hashtag as it is difficult to change in the later days, so select the best one. The hashtag must be fully unique that must be simple as well as easily recognized by everyone. The hashtag will be used in every tweet that is done in your chat. It must be related to your brand name.

3. Promoting twitter chat with all the social media accounts that you hold. Make a simple reference page to give an idea about chat details. Make sure that your article contains explanation regarding your twitter chats. Maintain your reference page in first place in Google which can help people to find your brand and start following.

4. Now you can start you twitter chats with your unique style. Begin with your welcome introduction which will help in people knowing more about yourself. Decide about your topic in the chat to maintain your discussion focused. You must give some time for your participants in the twitter chat and try to retweet the good topics.

5. Reviewing and filing your twitter chats with tools to create transcripts for the tweets. Track your chat progress that will grow on weekly basis. Mainly track your tweets to evaluate the interaction and also track active participants as well as established influencers in twitter. There are few twitter users who invite known influencer and engage with their followers. Just like other social media platform, twitter chats also need more patience to get involved. Try to be creative while creating your own tweets. This is the best way to achieve good response to your twitter chats.

The chat participants must authenticate Twitter for sending the tweets from tools that have been specially made to make your twitter chats simple. In tweet chat, the option can be a little slow while updating your tweets, so you can organize your chat and give more time for your followers.

On-Platform Buying Option Ends In Twitter

The 25 member team from twitter that has been involved in the ‘Buy Button’ has been separated. The plan was to provide access to the one-click shopping in twitter using the ‘Products Pages’ which was under testing phase. Twitter was expecting to receive best results with its new idea, but now they have decided to move some of the members from this team to other. The all new dynamic product ads from twitter have been helpful for the advertisers to use Promoted Tweets based on the items that have been viewed on the website. Making people to be aware of the products with the dynamic ads has been successful says twitter.

According to Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter the company has revised its main focus to other process such as,
Simplifying the product
Maximizing live video
Supporting more people with creative ideas
Making the users feel safer
Join hands with development community

It’s not only twitter, there are also other companies that have been planning to make changes to their online shopping options. Twitter’s plan to change its on-platform purchase option is expected to be a step down for this platform. But the on-platform purchasing is said to have more enthusiasm in it and this would not affect the twitter performance in any way. It will also not make the consumer demand to slow down on this platform. Probably Twitter is not ready to spend more time in this on-platform shopping and this would also not fade out so easily. The company will require more time for its consumers to get accustomed to this process and go for online shopping on social platforms.

All these trends suggest that the on-platform purchasing option will become good for its consumers after all the knots get removed. It is important to refine the process from twitter and streamline it for making it easy to use without any friction. Once all these issues get lightened by the company, the on-platform purchasing is expected to grow. Even there is hope for this platform to improve it is not going to happen very fast. This has made twitter to shift its focus from on-platform purchase.

Jack Dorsey is also not concerned with consumers buying things on their platform and they can have live interactions regarding this. Dorsey is planning to tweak its present framework to attract users who are new to the platform. Twitter has made easier for finding its influencers and refine its experience with the help of news feeds along with algorithmic timeline. The company is planning to get full control of its users with the 140 character tweets without completely scrapping that core experience. They are also trying to integrate live streams and increase the scope beyond its platform. Even though the buy option is active on twitter, they will only focus on targeted advertisements based on browsing activity of the user. Twitter has also revealed that all these ads will be able to receive double of its click with the promoted tweets.

Twitter Making Big News In The Tech World

Twitter Making Big News In The Tech World


Over the course of several years, technology has truly exploded. It has sucked people into its grasp and has encouraged everyone to become a member. Suffice to say, if you’re not a member of a social media platform, you’re behind times. Amongst, the most popular are Facebook and Twitter. Although both have been able to gain headlines lately, Twitter has worked diligently to revamp its image and renovate its approach to their strategy. First and foremost, the social network has teamed up with several different groups, including LeEco.

LeEco, which was formally known as LeTV, entered into a partnership with the social media group. According to the press release, the partnership will help to provide custom research and campaign-based analytics to Twitter. The LeEco brand will become the first to gain direct access to Twitter’s brand new First View program. First View is yet another eye opener from the social network. With First View, Twitter will be able to capitalize on video-based advertising.

On the flipside, Twitter has taken a little bit of heat for blocking the federal government’s access to their data mining service. The company admits they took the action, as a way to withdraw their ties from the federal government. This is something that can easily draw ire from the public and turn them against a company. Through their partnership with Dataminr, Twitter is able to sell breaking news stories and an array of other hot information to the media, as well as governmental agencies. According to Twitter, it had no say so whatsoever in selling data to the government, but that is all he said she said.

Another big factor, which will make Twitter fans excited, is the recent team up with the NFL. The social network recently announced that they’d be streaming the NFLs game live on their platform. The maneuver is exciting and will definitely help to boost the social network’s users, while also bringing new individuals to the NFL. In fact, the move also aligns itself with the needs of cord cutters across the nation.

Suffice to say, Twitter is definitely on the move and will continue to break ground in the near future. Will the social network be able to gain the same level of membership as Facebook? Although only time will tell, it is certain that Twitter wants to take a stand. Another thing to consider is that buying Twitter followers is also growing in popularity. Together the combination will ultimately push Twitter further and further into the future.

Ways To Improve Tweet Performance

Improving the tweet performance is very important, but most of the people will think it is not possible to do this with just 140 characters. Try to ask a question regarding a particular topic as it is the best way to enter into the social media platforms. By receiving answers to your question can help to improve your strategy. This can increase the level of interaction with other users which can turn into strong social media presence. There are few things that must be followed to make your tweet performance to improve very easily.

1. Highlight your level of urgency- The effect of using copywriting tactic can make the readers to force while making decision. This tactic usually works, but the same cannot be used on each tweet that is posted. But you can be used it in such a way that it can look highly effective for messaging.

2. Giving discounts- According to a report providing percentage discounts are good when compared to giving discounts that are price-based. The report is normally based on large breadth samples and each detail is important with just 140 characters.

3. Using the word new- The research team from twitter have been able to find out that tweets with word ‘new’ have been effectively able to reach most of the people regards to services and products. It is not possible to add the worn ‘new’ in all the tweets that you make as the service offered by you will be recognized by the people very easily. Always use this word when the product is really new that is offered by your company.

4. Don’t use hashtags unnecessarily- Avoid using the hashtags mainly for the promoted tweets. According to different studies about hashtags it best to use tweets with two hashtag. Using more than a specified number of hashtag can affect your performance. The hashtags in the promoted tweets can make it look like a spam that is not supported by the users in twitter.

5. Maintain a short tweet- Even though you have only 140 characters available for your tweets, you must keep the message shorter than this to get attracted. It is not possible to copy your tweet if has less characters. This can help others to re-tweet along with their comments making them to use full text with the original tweet.

6. Providing special offers- Try to give special offers which can also include competition to increase the level of your tweet performance. By doing this you can give tough competition to other users featuring the same product. Run a competition to increase the tweet performance as it can also help you to reach most of the people very easily on various social platforms.

By following these simple steps anyone can easily develop their tweet performance in twitter. Some of these steps can look very simple, but they are the most important in getting good response for your tweets. These are important steps if you are promoting a particular product which is completely new to the market.

Tips To Generate Traffic In Twitter

Most of the people will be worried about not receiving more visitors to their twitter account. Increasing the Twitter traffic can easily help in developing your business. There are ways that can help in increasing your Twitter traffic so your business can become much popular. By using the following steps you will be able to get amazing traffic to your twitter page which is a very important part in the development of your business.

1. Having a good professional background- You must prepare your profile professionally with a good background so the visitors can get easily attracted immediately after going through your page.  Just go through Google to look for nice background which is one of the best method in the present time. You can also go through websites that provide good Twitter background before moving further. Try to select the best username that can be easily remembered not only by you, even others who enter into your twitter page.

2. Always use important tweets- It is important to share only meaningful tweets to make it effective for the visitors. Those who are into business, try to post regular updates about your product. Posting new things about your product on daily basis can also attract more visitors to your twitter account. Try to give discount offers for your products, post details about new arrivals as they can attract more visitors. If you have a personal account in twitter, then post your daily activities to receive more visitors that can easily increase your twitter traffic.

3. Having more followers- One of the best ways to increase your twitter traffic is by simply following Twitter followers who are related to your business. This step can help in receiving more people into the twitter page, but make sure to follow only those who are relevant to your business. Try to keep the number of followers less than hundred in twitter to get good response. Twitter also keeps a track of the users who have more than hundred followers. Having followers of a particular category can also attract more number of visitors that can automatically improve your traffic.

4. Re-tweet your tweets- To make the tweets to go viral, it is important to important to re-tweet the tweets. This will help in staying active in your twitter account and also attract more visitors. The visitors will start to give more attention to the tweets in your page. Don’t copy the content from other posts while doing this as you must use your own data. Always publish the content that people like to link and it must be useful to them. This will make the visitors to get engaged into your twitter page. Make sure that the contents posted by you on the twitter page are completely different from other to make it more useful and it must also be engaged. Try to post tweets without any links and make it available for the people to get re-tweeted to their followers.