Promoting Small Business With Live Videos

Live video is a perfect way to make people more interested about your business. But many people don’t think that the live videos are useful in generating any leads to their business. Most of the bigger businesses use a video to promote their products, but the same can be followed by those who are running a smaller business. In the present day everyone wants to see something different and you can present it with a video. Visuals are easy recognized and also liked by everyone all over the world, so you can create unique videos to attract more customers.

1. Video with products- Every social media platform offers its users with various options that can be used to make their business unique. So you can create a video related to your brand and if you don’t have an idea what to add in the video, just include the details about your product. There are also few tools that can help while including the social media marketing into your business regularly. Another option is trying to humanize the business that can help to reach out to more customers very easily. Every customer wants to know more about the products they are buying, so you can add a video related to your business to make the consumer well about your products. With the perfectly developed live video it is possible to create a good connection with your consumers and also know what they think about your products.

2. Introducing new products- Now business people normally introduce their products with an image, but you can make it more attractive by introducing your product in a video. But most importantly live video will help to create a generate buzz during the launch of your new product. You can easily use Twitter or social media platform to telecast live video related to your product. All the business can really get excited as the live video can easily attract many people to their products. Without showing your product in the video will make the customers confuse, so try to add some of the interesting things about your product in the video which will attract more customers. Don’t reveal everything about your product and try to maintain a little suspense which will make all the audience eager to see the product and even buy them.

3. Broadcast directly- One of the best ways to create more attractive live video it to take the customers directly to the location of your product. Try to be consistent during a live video, so schedule the videos that will be broadcasted live in future. This will make the consumers anticipate your videos related to the brand. Live videos are expected to improve the experience with the present customers and it can slowly reach out to other people related to your original customer. Live videos are very much the best way to promote a business even it is small in the social media platform.

Steps To Make Tweets Stand Out

Twitter has been facing tough competition from other similar social media platform and its user growth is also begin reduced. Most of the users in Twitter are expected to follow the brands more when compared to Facebook and other social networks. Every Twitter user would like to see other people reading their tweets and it is important that the tweet is read at least twice by the follower during a day to make it more popular. The Twitter used should use a good content in their tweets, so they can easily get noticed by others. By following few simple steps it is possible to bring more traffic to your tweets without paying any money.

1. Mention with call- If you are planning to make a particular section of people to see your tweet, try to include username followed by symbol. Also create a tweet with an image as it can help to see at least ten users without reducing the character count.

2. Sharing tweets- To make the tweets easily visible to large number of people, try to share it more than once. Try using tools that can help you in sharing the tweets multiple times.

3. Add emojis- This is the best way to attract more people to your tweet even though the emojis are very small part of a tweet. There are lot of emojis available in Twitter that can be selected while composing a tweet and avoid using non-text characters in the tweet to make it stand out. There is one problem with the emojis as it can be used easily from your mobile by dragging it and other who use Twitter in their PC must select chrome extensions. Many people use only emojis to speak in Twitter which is really impressive to attract more users.

4. Twitter polls- This is a very new option in Twitter that was available from the year 2015. Even it failed to attract many people in Twitter, you can use it to find more engaging followers. To use this option, select the icon ‘Add poll’ which will be found below tweet box. You can enter four of your choices in this option and also choose the time of your poll which can run for about seven days.

5. Include photos- Try adding photos in your tweets which can easily make your content reach out to many people on this platform. Make sure that your photos look attractive with different colors and textures. You can also include a URL of your website and logo of the company to make the tweet stand out.

6. Include hashtag- A simple tweet is normally seen by followers only and you can make them visible to all the users in Twitter by including a hashtag. Whenever a person in Twitter searches a word, they can see your posts which contain the hashtag. There are also special tools available to search for hashtags that are able to attract many people to a tweet.

Steps To Increase Blog Search Ranking

Blog posts have been very popular among many people all over the world. But to make your blog easily searchable by various peopled on the social media platform you must improve your search ranking. It is important to find the perfect keyword to increase your search ranking, but finding the right keyword can be a difficult process. There are few ways to make your blog easily searchable and beat up your competitors.

1. Adding keywords- People in the present day look for more strength and uniqueness in the content of your blog. Some of the tools that can help to get the right keyword for using it in your post includes seed keywords which will support when you want to crowdsource the followers and help you finding the perfect keywords. Another tool includes Soovle that will suggest keyword from various sources and you can also get the perfect overview of people like what keywords they use to search on the platform. Those who want to optimize their present blog, they can try to use the tool known as Serpstat which will help to select the best pages and also suggest lot of different keywords.

2. Look for significant places- Optimizing your keyword is mainly related to finding the right entities in Google which includes significant places, brands, people and more. Google gives more attention to the entities when they try to find out how useful the content of yours is. To find out the best relevant entities, you must put some extra work. If you have a proper content for using it in the post is good, but those who don’t have a proper content must do a complete research in Google. Always use the content that is able to attract more people to view it and it must also be helpful to others. There is also a tool called as AlchemyAPI to find the entities as it will automatically find the entities from content which will be marked in color-coding.

3. Dealing with niche questions- This is very important as Google mainly focuses on measuring uniqueness of content while answering a niche question. Try to do some research to find the right question related to a keyword whenever you want to post a new content. Just like tools used for other things, there are also tools that can help to find out the right kind of niche questions. Serpstat is a tool that will help to find the question mainly focused on the keyword research and you will also find out unique results with this. Another tool is Answer The Public which is known to be very unique. It is known to provide completely different kind of question based keyword research. You just need to enter a single work after opening this tool and it will show the details about questions asked by people using this word. You can also see similar type of search option in Twitter that helps to find out question with typed word.

Increase Sales During Holidays Using Twitter

In the recent times, Twitter has been getting lot of criticism as only few people have been using it for advertising purpose mainly during the holiday seasons. But according to a report, people used Twitter consistently to get engaged with the brands during holidays as most of them look for product reviews, deals and gift ideas. This can mainly help the brands to still use Twitter to increase their sales. But it is important to follow a proper method to make most out of Twitter to get better response during the festive season.

1. Using multiple contents related to your product- According to Twitter the number of brands who engage using Promoted Tweets have been very less when compared to others who have used promoted campaigns to promote their business. The brands that use paid media have also received high number of engagements and saw increased sales. Even when you are not able to get any kind of direct response with the tweet campaigns, you will be able to get expose completely which would be a significant thing for improved sales. There are various types of ad formats available in Twitter that must be used in a proper way. The different options available for advertising your product in Twitter are photos, GIFs, videos, tweets and more. You can also use all these options to promote your products at the same time.

2. Attract your customers- With options like discounts, exclusive offers and limited-time sales it is possible to attract many customers to your holiday campaigns. Everyone will look for best offers during the holiday season and by creating the sense of rush with all the exciting offers you can attract more Twitter and make them come back again to the Twitter profile. All the brands must highlight calls-to-action featuring clear deadlines and urgency to their offers. Make sure to include the details about your product in the ad and also mention the time period from when the offer is available for the particular product you have promoted in your Twitter ad.

3. Using creative techniques- As per Twitter, the audiences on this social media platform will respond to an ad only after coming through it several times. This is very common as most of the people will get attracted to the brands ad once they see it everywhere before start to respond. But creating repeated ads, it is also possible that your ad will get negative impact. Try to get more response to your ads by targeting different types of people that will help to increase your presence on the social media platform and attract more customers. Use some of the contents that can look really look attractive for the audience in Twitter. Most of the brands use videos to promote their products, but the runtime of the video related to your ad must be very less. You must also try to include the complete details about your product in the video.

Twitter Relaunches Jelly App

Twitter had introduced a new jelly app long back in 2014 which was based on question and answer network on the social media platform. The app was launched by Biz Stone co-founder of Twitter and it was developed to feature Google & Quora like activities. It also provides community-based answers along with good quality response. The same jelly app has been re-launched by the company once again with updated features. The old version was similar to Instagram and Yahoo Answers, but the new versions introduced by Biz Stone are expected to become an alternative to the Google. During the first launch, this app was mainly reliable on the social media network to get the answers for your questions. But everything is expected to be changed in the updated versions as you will be able to get answer for the questions.

The app users will be able to sign up and answer the questions with a ratings based on the support they received from this app. The app has been developed with routing algorithm where each of the query and answer will be included with metadata. This will be helpful in finding the right answers for the queries from the right people on the network. When the app was introduced for the first time by the company, it was a complete failure and they have made all the adjustments in the updated version that would help the users in a positive way. This version of jelly has been developed with an integrated process that is expected to produce huge interests among its users.

To use this Jelly app, you must include #askjelly in your Tweet featuring the question and the app will send your question on the search engine to get the best answer. Then the app will export the answer like @reply in Twitter.  While using hashtag, the app will generate a question on its own in Jelly community and it will tweet automated response with the answer for the question. There is no need to have a Jelly account for getting the right answer and you will not require any login details to access this app. This is one of the best options that would attract most of them to use this app and get full responses. If this works in a perfect way, then Jelly will be used by more people to get the correct answers for the queries.

Earlier when this app was introduced, it failed to attract many people as it was only relied on social network. But even now there is a small problem with this app as it based on Google & Quora which already exists and people also use them regularly to find the best answers. As per Stone, the new version can help the people to find improved answers. According to Biz Stone, their plan with the new app is to save time for the user who don’t want to waste time by looking for answers on the social platform.

Using Google Analytics For Better Tracking

Most of the people want to track their Twitter traffic with Google Analytics, but it is important to know how to do this in a proper way. There is a new feature available in Google Analytics that helps to track all the social interactions in a website and blog with a new Twitter button. There is also another option known as Google Analytics Social Tracking which is used after getting the access and modify your website data. To use Social Interaction Tracking, try to update the code of Google Analytics and include the code to HTML file. To view your metrics, use Google Analytics interface placed on top of your webpage after logging into the Google Analytics account. To get the analytics code first you must login into the Google Analytics account and select the option ‘New Version’ on top right corner of the to view Google Analytics interface. Then select your domain name and choose gear icon on the screen.

Try to place the Google Analytics code in the right place without closing the tag of HTML file. Insert the code for using the social tracking in between Analytics code and the tag. You can see the social tracking result in the Google Analytics interface within few hours. There are three features available for viewing your social interactions such as engagement based on two metrics such as socially engaged interactions and not socially engaged interactions. The next is action where you can see the actions taken and finally pages which include the actions taken on the webpage. Apart from this, social tracking has a record of tweets that were made using the Tweet button.

Google Analytics is able to give the integrated tracking result with Google +1 button and you must use this with an updated version of the Google Analytics in a single page to track all the social interactions automatically. To use these features properly first look at your tracking results in few hours after initiating the tracking process, but Google says it would take at least a day to see the exact results after it has been started. In case you are not able to see the tracking results after the mentioned time there are ways to see whether the code has been placed correctly.

To check the codes, first you must see the code that was placed in your website and also check the URL values. Next check your Google Analytics based on the date and a default date ranging from last month till previous day can be seen. You can also change the date range as per your requirement. It is also possible to include a social tracking in the blog by using a separate plug-in. All the above features can be difficult to use for those who are new to these coding, but those who are experienced with it can see that this can be a very useful way to track the tweets on social media platform.

Twitter Videos Are Best Than Images And GIFs

Many people who are using Twitter mainly look to attract more users to their account. There are different things that can be used in Twitter such as video, images and GIFs. Twitter has announced new stats related to the factors which are used on this social media platform that can help to get more response. The videos used in Twitter are known to be more effective in getting good response when compared to images and even the GIFs. The video content used in Twitter are said to be more effective in getting more response from the people and they also get easily retweeted more than the images. The data released is very much accurate as it features media impression stat that is mainly based on advertisers who have been established a name for themselves. This makes the comparison most relevant making it a very interesting note.

The previous records to this from Twitter were recorded that images used in the tweet received more engagement when compared to the videos and GIFs. Most of them have lot of confusions while promoting their tweet and they will try to use Twitter to get good response and reach to more people on this social media platform. According to the stats released from Twitter tweets featuring images also known to provide three times more engagement when compared to the text updates. The tweets that feature GIFs are known to produce six times more engagement when compared to text updates. Finally tweets featuring video are capable of producing nine times more engagement when compared to the text updates.

The stats from Twitter is very much interesting as there is a rise of three times that match based on the estimates provided and we are able to get a context which is the best option for using it on this platform. All the data have been released Twitter itself that makes it really worth for the users. It is always important to test with all the three factors to see which of them are able to attract more response, so it can be used in a proper way. It is always worth that you use these factors for testing purpose which would create more engagements.

According to Twitter, the attention received by the ads is said to increases the presence by more than 10% while you include the branded emojis. There is also a good response to link the hashtag with emoji image for good engagements. Even though all this data are not clear yet, they are capable of providing better response and it can be used easily by every Twitter users. All these reports are mainly based on stats that are received with the usage of branded emoji in Twitter. The videos can be more engaging to people than the images and GIFs that are used in Twitter as it is able to provide some interesting visuals relevant to the tweet along with little amount of text.

Twitter To Remove 140 Character Limit

Twitter had made a new announcement towards the limitation to its 140 character. This limitation of character from Twitter had sparked a huge attraction from many people all over the world and some of them even though that this would affect the Twitter’s growth in a higher level. But Twitter has announced that they would make this 140 character limitation official within few weeks with some interesting facts. Some of the changes announced by Twitter have been considered to be really amazing by most of the people and the remaining changes had very less effect on others. The announcement from Twitter about the character limitation includes,

1. The media attachments will not be considered in the 140 character limit which can be useful for the media users.
2. The 140 characters will also not consider the names during a reply.
3. The tweets that start with name will also be displayed to all the followers.
4. It is possible to re-tweet to yourself with this new change made by Twitter.

All the above mentioned changes are expected to be available for the Twitter user from next week, but this has not been confirmed by the social media yet. Twitter is also planning to make this change official and the result would be seen in 2-3 months time the way it performed. Both Instagram and Facebook also made a similar kind of changes on their platform , but it took some time to reach to the people in large numbers. The most important advantage of all these updates is really good as it has left all the bad things related to Twitter behind. This is really helpful for Twitter as many people start to take advantage of this important change. There are also few segment of people who think that Twitter would face some criticism with the limitation of this 140-character. The limitation on 140-character was announced by Twitter at least 3-4 months back and they are expected to be completely ready to introduced this important change on their platform.

Now after all this updates, the question remains the same in everyone’s mind whether this would really be helpful for the Twitter users. It can be an important update for regular Twitter users as it will support them in making their tweet process more engaging as they will have additional space to express all their information. Now people will enter Twitter without any limitations towards using the character while composing a tweet. But the main question is whether this change can attract the users who are regular visitor to Twitter as this update must appeal to them the most. Overall, this update would make the tweet process very simple and whether it would be useful one for the people is still expected till it comes to effect very soon. All the speculation received made by the people about changing the 140-character would come to a end once it gets official confirmation from Twitter.

Watch Live-Streams With Twitter’s New App

Twitter has been adding new things to their social media platform and it is not just used to get connected with friends anymore. Now Twitter had made an announcement related to their new app that can be used to connect your live-streams to TV directly. This step from Twitter is expected to take them close to their new focus on bringing all the live content directly to the TV screens. According to Twitter, this new app will help the people to connect their devices to get the best on Twitter. The new app is expected to support Twitter in reaching out to more potential audience. Even though many people are using similar kind of app, this would attract few interested in Twitter to showcase live TV to the people with their offering.

The most important thing about this new app is you can use it without any log-in id. Most of other social media uses their log-in id to get connected through various other platforms which helps them to keep a complete track about data related to ad targeting. But with the new app from Twitter, they will be able to get connected without any social layer each user will easily come back to the Twitter making the connection process much easier. This will also help most of the people to see live-stream content from Twitter by simply downloading the new app. Twitter is mainly depending on their content quality o reach out to more people and this will also make easier for the people to switch channel easily. This can also help Twitter to increase their audience and get exposed in a larger level.

Most people will try to access streaming content which will helps Twitter’s advertising capabilities and reach people by also showing tweet content over the screen. Another important part of this app is you will be able to see live-stream content by sitting in your home on TV just like the users who are able to similar to this through Periscope app to watch Apple TV. When compared to this, Twitter is able to provide high-quality videos to their audience and they are focused to give good TV experience to their users directly. Even though Twitter has been investing more on this new app, they are expected to take huge risk which is really questionable. Live-streaming is considered to have lot of potential to attract more people and it also provides quality live-stream content.

Every live-streaming need to have more audience to get developed and this makes sense that Twitter has decided to select this app as they already have a huge number of people connected to their platform. It is also one of the best ways to get back the people to the social media and convert Twitter into a brand news network. In case this new step from Twitter gets good response from the people there will be more chances to show all the live content using the same platform.

Twitter’s DM With Updated Features

Twitter has been working hard to increase its user growth by updating some of its old with new options. This social media platform has been facing a tough competition from various other sources which has made them to act in this way. There has been lot of updates including the flagged customizable Moments for all its users are expected very soon. But now they have introduced updated DM button and monetization options to the video creators to get back the people who have left Twitter for better options. Even though Twitter has been introducing all these updated features, there have been a very little people who have been using it. Some of the features that make this new option in direct messages more active include read receipts, web link previews, typing indicators and more.

All these features of Twitter’s DM are expected to gain attraction from most of the people. All these options have been seen in other applications such as WhatsApp, but the better thing is you will be able to use all these features in Twitter to make it a very unique social media platform. One of the major drawbacks of all these updates are they have been introduced in Twitter after a long time when compared to other applications that allow all these options which people have started using already. The major advantage of these updated new features is it is available in Twitter with direct messages and Most of the customer services have been provided with just a tweet. This makes Twitter a really good place to stay to use the direct messages in a perfect way to improve the brand names as well as provide a good customer support.

Twitter has already removed the restrictions on 140 characters in direct messages and they are planning to increase direct response usage to make enter this social media platform for like a customer support tool. Twitter has introduced a new option called as read receipts which is expected to support the brands in a higher level and make the customers aware that the brand has seen their direct message. This will also help the brands to reply to all the requests made by the customers in very a short time. This will really support the customers very much as the brands will not be able to hide the messages send by them.

All these features in direct messages are expected to play a very important role in taking Twitter a step forward. Twitter has been facing a huge drawback in the present market and this important option would really give them a boost if the people start to use these features in large numbers. Even though the direct messages update is a really interesting move from Twitter, some of them feel that it may a little late for them to make such a move. Anyhow Twitter has to wait and see whether this updated option would really be supportive.