Steps To Get Genuine Followers

To use Twitter more efficiently, it is important decide about targets. Before using Twitter you must know about your targets which can be more followers. Anyone who starts to use Twitter, they will try to get more followers. But first you must start following users who already have lot of followers and mainly genuine ones. There are few things that can help in getting genuine followers for your Twitter account.

1. Decide about your goals- It is important that your Twitter account stays active all the time. It doesn’t mean that you should stay online always, make sure that you post new content in your account on regular basis. By doing this you will remain active in Twitter and adding new contents can also generate more leads. If you are a writer, try to use Twitter account to update about new book that you are planning to write. This can create more expectations about your book and people will start following your account to get more updates about the book. The same can be done with other things like people who want to promote their product with the help of Twitter, they can also create an expectation among people which in turn get you more followers.

2. Selecting keywords- People who use Twitter will always look for interesting contents. Make sure that your Twitter posts are unique with keywords that are popular among the users. If you write a post that is related to the keyword which is popular among the Twitter users, it is possible to get more followers. The keywords can be related to any product or things that are popular in the social media platform.

3. Connecting with Twitter users- If you are really in need of more meaningful followers to your Twitter account, you must start following others before getting them. Try to follow the people in Twitter who have interesting content and you can also share few useful things by adding links in their articles. You must share useful things that look more attractive and in turn they will also get connected to your account.

4. Using tools- There are few special tools that have been developed for using it in Twitter. Some of these tools can also help to manage your Twitter account regularly even if you are not logging into your account. It is also possible to get track the number of users who have visited your posts by using which means. You can also create a link back to your website by using your posts and people can easily retweet if you have a good content.

5. Cleaning your Twitter account- This is a very important step in maintaining your Twitter account. You must go through your followers very often to see who are not following you, but some of them can be omitted like celebrities. Try to unfollow the Twitter accounts that are not active anymore and even those who are not following you back.

Best Twitter Search Options

The search option in Twitter is one of the best option that can be sued for various purpose. It is one of the important features in Twitter that can be used effectively to make most out of it. There are few important things that must be considered while using the search option in Twitter. Most of the people normally use hashtags and name of a product to search in Twitter. But by doing this the results achieved can easily vary from one to another as you may find similar kind of results most of the time. It is possible to get real-time result for your search in Twitter using the search option and it is just like using a search engine. But you must know what exactly the search term must be to get the proper result of your search.

1. Discussion outside Twitter- This option will help to see the tweets that are made by users about your brand. You can use this to find out what the users are mentioning about you without using their Twitter name.

2. Free items- It is also possible to search for users who provide freebies. You can also search for this variant and save it to get the offers. It is important to monitor it in a proper way to make use of this effectively.

3. Love or hate search- If you use a frown for searching, Twitter can show the tweets to see the search term positively or negatively. But the results may vary and will not be accurate as it can just be used t monitor things. Those who want to monitor their business, this option will not be so much useful.

4. Creating customers- This option can be a little thoughtful as it has potential to become a highly successful search. In this search, the people will be asking questions about your product and service. You can also search for the particular product with this option by asking a question about a partiular product. This is capable developing a constant stream for the users who will be able to approach along with recommendation about your offer. Try to create a filter link that can remove the links from your search results. In case you are planning to attract more people for getting some answers to your questions by simply adding ‘How’ in front of your search.

5. Criticizing the customers of your competitor- Here you will find out the negative things about the Twitter account of your competitor. So there is no need to get upset with this as you can show some love to these customers with some good tweet.

6. Looking for shared pictures- Try to search for pictures which is about a particular topic by a Twitter user. You can just follow them as some of the pictures can be really interesting. Most of the people will be posting interesting things on regular basis which can be shared through Twitter.

Using Virtual Assistant In Twitter

Twitter is known to be an effective tool to develop a business and most of the companies create an account in Twitter in the beginning. A Twitter account can be of great help for anyone who is new to the business and already existing brand names. There are few brands that can set up a special team to handle Twitter social media accounts even if they run a small or large business. For those who have problem in handling their business account in Twitter, they can help from a virtual assistant as they can be helpful for your business in many ways. Getting a virtual assistant can provide a big support with the subject related to the brands and you can also see most of the companies represent them using the Twitter account. By using virtual assistant, it is possible to save money that is wasted in hiring people to take care of Twitter accounts and it is also easy to find the right thing with the virtual assistant support.

1. Looking for tweets related to your brand- Hashtags are the ones that can make your work simple while looking for the tweets and there are also search tools that can be used for the same purpose. It is also possible to get some additional support from the virtual assistant to know how your brand is being recognized in the social media platform.

2. Looking for critics- Twitter can be used as a search tool that can be used to do a complete market research. The tweets that are recognized can be listed by the virtual assistant that can be a great way to improve your business. You must give attention to the critics comments about your brand and there will be even negative things about your brand name. The virtual assistant can help you in looking for the right comments from the critics and also sort out the issues that have been negatively said. You can just answer few questions that have been raised by the critics to make your brand easily recognized by everyone one the social media platform.

3. Customer support- The virtual assistant can also respond directly to your customer about enquiries and even complaints without restricting them for one purpose. The virtual assistant can start the work by simply prioritize the incoming messages related to your brand. Once you get full confident about the virtual assistant, the next step would be to let it take care of customer support. You will be able to get regular reports about your customers making your work simple.

4. Develop a network- Apart from customer support, the virtual assistant can also help in developing a good network for your brand. The virtual assistant is capable of sending tweets and even responds to the reply. You can also specify the things that are perfect for your company to make the virtual assistant to become more useful in developing the network related to your brand.

Twitter’s Engage App And Its Features

The engage app from Twitter is one of the best option that can help to manage your success in this social media platform. It is not possible to know the content that is followed by the users in Twitter and by knowing this you will be able to use your strategy accordingly. The engage app does exactly this as it helps you to assess the users analytics and make the changes. There are different types of options available in this new engage app which is not seen in your Twitter app. Here are few features that can be commonly used by the Twitter user in this new app more effectively.

1. Top section- This part of the app shows if a user has tweeted, interacted or followed. There are no ways that you can miss a detail about the influencer and you can easily get connected to them. You can use your brand name or personal in this option to save more time without losing any opportunities.

2. Mentions section- You can see if anyone has mentioned you on tweets and this is completely a different Notifications section when compared to original Twitter app . This section only shows mentions and divides other actions. Those who are new to Twitter and if you are not a regular Twitter user, this option can be of great help.

3. Verified section- This section is considered to be very much useful as it features all the notifications from Verified accounts. There is no need to put additional effort to follow or mention in the Twitter that is normally done in your Twitter app. All these things can be done in this simple section of the engage app.

4. Live section- It is one of the section that can be helpful for a regular Twitter user. This part allows you to see the recent content on the social media platform that can be made use to adjust your engaging strategy. It also features impressions such as retweets, video views, likes and more all in one place. You will be able to see the information about your last 7 days and adjust the content if your followers are reducing.

5. Tweeting about- You will be able to see the topics that are discussed among your own followers in this section. This section is just like the tending option in the actual Twitter app. You can send a tweet if you see a hashtag which is related to your brand. It is possible to reach your audience directly related to your brand with this option.

6. Audience- This is one of the best option in available in the engage app which helps you to know the location of your followers. It is possible to see the time zone of your followers if you have them all over the world. You can easily know what is trend in their location and act accordingly with the help of this feature.

Using Tweet Grid Option In Twitter

Tweet Grid is a embeddable option that is helpful for the Twitter users to use the tweets and its activity. It is possible to show the content on the websites using this new option embedding system and the users can show their tweet collections. To use this option you can follow this simple technique. By doing this you will be able to create a good looking tweet content that can easily increase the standard of your tweets. Thos who would like to maintain their embedded collection up to date, they must just update list along with the grid to see the changes. This option can be used by anyone to make their tweet content look amazing that can easily attract more people.

1. Create a log in into the TweetDeck- TweetDeck is not accessible for most of the users as it is mainly available for particular publishers. After creating an account in TweetDeck, select the option ‘+’ located at left side and then go to the option ‘Collection’ stream.

2. Sending your Tweets to Collection column- Try to select the tweets that need to be sent in the collection column by dragging them across to the column with the help of directional arrow option placed at bottom right in each of your tweet. You can just pull your tweets across to make it appear in grid. The tweet that will be pulled first will go below each time when a new tweet it dragged into the column.

3. Taking the collection to your Twitter account- After collecting all the contents in the grid, try to select column options and choose Share option from bottom before selecting View option in Twitter. Now you will see a new window that will features all the collection in Twitter.

4. Adding Collection URL in publish.twitter- The Twitter users can easily create their own collection till they are able to. Then you will be able to use the ‘Publish’ platform where the URL will be entered from Twitter. Now the Publish will show the grid of collection and embed code that can be use to see new collection in the site.

After following this process you can also see the embed code that can be used to see the preview of your content. By doing all these, you will be able to include a new option that can be helpful in highlighting your Twitter activity for a lot of new audience. All these collections options will be connected to TweetDeck, Curator and more that can be useful in improving the tweet content. The users can easily update the tweet collections automatically on the website or app. There is no need to use any kind of embed code additionally or any other updates ir required to the website. Most of the people would like to use this option to improve the tweet content as it can help to get noticed by all of the live audience very easily.

Using Twitter For Periscope Broadcasts

Twitter is one of the source that can help you to promote Periscope broadcasts with a very simple method. By doing this you will easily get exposed to a wide range of audience. There are few important things that must be taken care while developing your Periscope audience using Twitter.

1. Broadcasting live streams in Twitter- First try to download the Periscope and use the log in option using Twitter. You must try to authorize the Periscope for using it in the Twitter account. Try to enter few details about your broadcast and select both Twitter and public option. There will be an option such as Start Broadcast to start your live stream to begin your broadcast.

2. Engage Twitter accounts in A Broadcast- Try to ask questions in the broadcast titles to support the engagement. Also mention the details about the future broadcasts that will happen in your Periscope by tweeting it. Make sure to tag the user who has starred in the broadcast. It is possible to get engaged in a effective manner by communicating perfectly with the audience.

3. Use hashtags to reach more Audience- Hashtags can be a part of perfectly organized tweet and each time a broadcast is tweeted, the Twitter can add Periscope hashtag automatically to the tweet. Add popular hashtags to reach out to more users using the tweet and avoid using any kind of unusual hashtags.

4. Broadcasting along with Twitter Ads- You can promote the broadcast using the Twitter adds to reach to more audience both in and outside the community of your followers. But this option is available only after making a payment. After making the payment try to make your first ad and make sure to enter the campaign name before selecting the time. You must also mention your particluar targeted audience to get the best response to the broadcast.

5. Results- There are few things that can help to know the results of the broadcasts such as watch time, viewer count and replays. You must also track the number of tweets you have received for the broadcast, comments received and favorites. Also track how many users have clicked in your tweet including number of interactions. Those who are promoting their tweets by making payment, it is possible to get more access to the data.

You must also give attention to some of the simple things to analyze your broadcast like which is the best broadcast that has received more attention from the people and select the same type of broadcast. Try to track the time in which the broadcast have been watched during the day and the people who have engaged with the broadcasts. Most of the marketers can get the best solution for their business by using the Twitter as well as Periscope in an effective way. You will get a good idea about using both these tools in an effective manner after making few broadcasts and receiving the audience response.

Steps To Maintain Multiple Accounts In Twitter

Having multiple accounts in Twitter is very simple, but managing them is not so easy. There few tools that can help in maintaining multiple Twitter accounts. But others can also use the following steps to maintain the accounts perfectly.

1. Connecting with Twitter accounts- Use TweetDeck by opening an account in it. You can create a login and add number of accounts with the same login. Use the dashboard in TweetDeck to connect with accounts. You can include more accounts depending upon your choice using the same login id. To get connected with more accounts, just select Accounts icon at the bottom in navigation bar, then select the option Add Another Twitter Account. Next enter your username along with password for every account that you like to manage.

2. Adding Listening Streams- TweetDeck also has a feature that can be used for adding streams in real-time. There are number of streams that can be selected including user, mentions, messages, lists, etc. For adding the stream, just go to Add Column option located in navigation bar and select column type to add. Messages stream helps to read as well as reply to the direct messages from all the accounts that have been added in the TweetDeck. It is also easy to create separate column for maintaining direct messages in each account. Try to track the messages for multiple accounts using same column with the help of Messages stream. There are important streams that must be added such as Notifications which is a stream that helps you to see the new follower and if anyone tries to add your to the list. Mentions also help to monitor the tweet which mentions the Twitter handle during first time and part of conversation.

3. Monitoring and Engaging- After setting up the TweetDeck streams, it is possible to get a better of view in a single dashboard. It is important to stay active on daily bais to manage Twitter effectively. Monitor your messages closely to make the user interact easily with your brand. Retweet good contents that are worth publishing in the lists and mentions. Scheduling your tweets by selecting New Tweet icon located at the top-left side of the page. Try to get into a conversation with people and mainly with the potential customers by replying to the tweets. Search for events as well as other conversations that are relevant to your brand with the help of hashtags. The hasgtags are the best way to follow a particular even and to find the related tweets. Try to follow new people to get engaged with them and relevant to your brand with the help of notifications and other options.

TweetDeck is one of the most used tool to maintain multiple account in Twitter and this is useful for those who want to create a company profile in Twitter. You can do all your activities in a single dashboard with the help of TweetDeck by sitting in a single place.

Improving Your Business With Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are the best ways to maintain the Twitter experience in a perfect manner. The Twitter lists can be used to find the right users to follow. To do this you must first create the Twitter list by just clicking on the lists option. Now you will find the option Create New List at the right side. Next select the Twitter list and add description before setting the privacy. For a public list, you must select the best name and description as it can make other people to follow. Go through various Twitter profile to add them to your lists. You can go to setting to add and remove the lists. Here are few simple steps that can help to use the Twitter lists for better business experience.

1. Keeping track of Competitors- It is important to keep Twitter accounts of the competitors in the list so they can be monitored very easily. Tweets made by the competitors can be monitored. Make sure to check their updates and offers to know what is their strategy.

2. Keep in touch with Industry Leaders- Monitor the leaders in your brand by adding it into your powerful list. This list will help to manage and also improve the relationship along with the leaders. By following their tweets, you will be able to engage easily with them. Make a small list of industry leaders to add more value to your Twitter account.

3. Engage yourself with the Employees- Employee list can be the best tool to help the employees and to know them better as well as integrate along with new employees. This is the best way to find the people in the company using the Twitter list.

4. Make a list of Events- Make a Twitter list which must include speakers as well as attendees as it is a perfect way to organize event marketing. People who will not attend the event can develop a good relationship with the attendees and follow activity of the event.

5. Having a good Customer Relationship- Twitter has been one of the best base to maintain a customer relationship. Follow the tweets and try to interact with the customers regularly with the help of tweets. You can reach the customers directly and share the events that they missed.

6. Following Bloggers- Make a list of people who can inculde those who about your brand. Twitter can be used as the best platform to develop relationships along with media persons which can help in receiving direct opportunities. You can also use Twitter for sharing important things to your active followers and get engaged with them on regular basis.

Twitter is very popular way to share information by interacting to develop a good relationship with people with same brands. Use Twitter to make your brand popular and also to get organized. Anyone can improve their Twitter experience with the help of the lists and it can also help in reaching out with more people.

Tips To Start Your Twitter Chats

Twitter chat can be done using a unique hashtag that helps to participate in a discussion. The chats will be recurring and mainly on particular topics that helps to connect with the people of various interests. The twitter chat can be used for various purposes such as,
-Encourage social media presence that can make more people to follow and participate in the chats.
-You can also get information about your questions asked in the community.
-Engaging into various social media activities related to your business.

There are few things that can help in creating your twitter chats successfully.
1. Before starting your own chat in twitter. Enter into other twitter chats related to your brand. Search using Google search to find the suitable chatting place. You can also use some of the tools that are available to track the twitter chats. Some of them can also suggest you the upcoming chats suitable for your brand.

2. Now you will have an idea how to proceed after participating into the relevant twitter chats. This is the most important step which is using the hashtag as it is difficult to change in the later days, so select the best one. The hashtag must be fully unique that must be simple as well as easily recognized by everyone. The hashtag will be used in every tweet that is done in your chat. It must be related to your brand name.

3. Promoting twitter chat with all the social media accounts that you hold. Make a simple reference page to give an idea about chat details. Make sure that your article contains explanation regarding your twitter chats. Maintain your reference page in first place in Google which can help people to find your brand and start following.

4. Now you can start you twitter chats with your unique style. Begin with your welcome introduction which will help in people knowing more about yourself. Decide about your topic in the chat to maintain your discussion focused. You must give some time for your participants in the twitter chat and try to retweet the good topics.

5. Reviewing and filing your twitter chats with tools to create transcripts for the tweets. Track your chat progress that will grow on weekly basis. Mainly track your tweets to evaluate the interaction and also track active participants as well as established influencers in twitter. There are few twitter users who invite known influencer and engage with their followers. Just like other social media platform, twitter chats also need more patience to get involved. Try to be creative while creating your own tweets. This is the best way to achieve good response to your twitter chats.

The chat participants must authenticate Twitter for sending the tweets from tools that have been specially made to make your twitter chats simple. In tweet chat, the option can be a little slow while updating your tweets, so you can organize your chat and give more time for your followers.