360 Video Available For Twitter Users

Twitter recently announced plans for their future development at an event and mainly they are working on the 360 video options. But now Twitter has introduced the first view of this most interesting feature which live 360 videos that is available in Twitter as well as Periscope. The 360 degree video screen can be seen while you tilt the mobile device on different directions and even when you swipe the screen. This adds a completely unique element to your Twitter video experience and this is expected to become a very important feature for the live broadcasters. Facebook also introduced their 360 video options few weeks ago which is similar to the Twitter 360 streaming and Twitter allows all the users to have a fun with this option. But in Periscope, only few selected people will be able to use this feature now.

We are yet to see how this new features attracts the users in Twitter as Facebook with larger audience also offers the same type of feature for its users. In Periscope, you can use the 360 degree live videos option with a new icon. The videos are said to have a badge mark and when you view 360 broadcast we can just change the viewing point by simply moving the mobile. The 360 videos are available only for a small amount of people at present in Periscope and it is expected to become easily useful for other in the coming few weeks. The live 360 video is considered to be a very huge step from Twitter where it will be moving to a next level in the social media platform. Anyone can easily be creative with this 360 video feature and share experience in a very unique way. Twitter is also supporting users to create a very immersive and engaging experience with this feature. The 360 content viewing will give a very new experience to the Twitter users and mainly those who like sharing videos regularly.

Twitter users have been engaging with people with various methods on this platform and the new 360 video is additional feature that would easily attract different group of people. The 360 cameras are also available very easily and you can purchase one for capturing the right moment before posting it in Twitter. The new feature has just been introduced by Twitter and more updates related to this are still expected. As the 360 content is readily available in Twitter, we have to use it to know how to handle it in the right way to get more engagement. Most of the brands want to promote their product in a unique way and this new feature can be a step ahead for all such users. It is left to the business users to know how efficiently they can use this 360 video content to attract more audience. You have to purchase a particular tool to capture the 360 degree video and use it with your mobile device.

Important Guidelines For Businesses in Twitter

Twitter is considered to be the most useful social media for businesses and it is also unique when compared to other channels. Most of the businesses use Twitter for marketing their product as you will be able to get more traffic. To use Twitter in the most effective manner for your business, there are particular methods that must be used. Here are some of the top methods that can make your business more successful in Twitter.

1. Twitter username- This is a very important step which will decide the fate of your business on this social platform. Try to select the username which must be related to your business and it must easily define your brand. You can select the username as per your wish, but make sure it it based on your business which will be useful for the audience to recognize you.

2. Attractive profile- While creating your profile in Twitter, try to make it attractive. It doesn’t mean that you have to fill your profile with unique details, just make sure to enter real information. There are many things that can be done to make the Twitter profile interesting. The first option is using a customized background for your profile which can feature your business information. Also include a description on your background image as you will have 160-characters to do this. Try to fill the profile with a brief summary about your business and share a link of your website.

3. Engage with audience- Try to contact your follower by sending a tweet and share various things about your business. Always share information that can keep your audience engaged even if it is not related to your business. In Twitter you can easily reach with your audience with various techniques like you can share tweets that are interesting even if it doesn’t belong to you.

4. Never automate tweets- It is also very much important as most of the people do this on regular basis. Avoid automating the tweets on regular basis as you must post tweets directly to create an engagement with your followers. Go through tweets from other users to get an idea about the content that is more attractive among the Twitter users.

5. Private profile- If you are using the Twitter to promote your business, it is important to make it visible to all. But some of the keep their Twitter profile private which is not the right way. As a brand you would want to get full exposure of your product on this social media, so maintaining the Twitter profile private will not be effective.

6. Be visually attractive- Visuals play a very important role in attracting more audience to your Twitter profile. Try to add images in your tweets as it is known to attract more engagement very easily. You can use images related to your business and make the tweet more appealing. Twitter does not include the images in the character count which makes it really interesting.

Interesting Facts About Twitter Ads

Twitter ads have been the most important part of every business as it is used to promote their products. There are also other similar social platforms that can be used in the same way, but some of the important reasons make Twitter ads really useful. You can find some of the unique features in Twitter with its ad feature that is not available in other channels. Twitter is considered to be really amazing for some of the sources like news, politics, entertainment and more. If you use the Twitter ads for targeting the right audience, it can work really well for the advertisers. The amount used for advertising in Twitter is also very less than other social media channels and you can easily reach your target through tweets. The following are few important features that make Twitter ads more interesting from other advertising platforms.

1. Pay later- This is very useful as most of the people will not be ready to pay before promoting their brand. But in Twitter, you can promote your tweets for reaching the marketing objective and make payment later. You will be paying only when the people react to your ad. Those who run the app install campaign will pay only for number of app installs and in followers campaign you have to pay if someone selects Follow button.

2. Targeting right people- You can do this with keyword targeting which is known to be very interesting and you can also reach to the right people through this. Use a particular word to search for people related to it and just use the hashtag to do this. You will be able to find the people who are related to the particular keyword very accurately which is not possible in other social media platforms.

3. Tweet targeting- This is a perfect way to get to your audience and remarket your product to the people who have already saw your tweet. You will be able to target only those people who have seen your tweet and engaged with the tweet. The engagement rates will also get higher if you use this method of advertising in Twitter.

4. Customized target- It is another way of targeting the audience in Twitter. With this you will be able to target the people who follow a particular Twitter account. You can use some of the tools made to find the list of Twitter followers of a particular account and also create a customized target using the Twitter ads. Try to find the user’s handle for engaging with them through promoted tweets.

5. Low priced clicks- Twitter is the only platform that allows you to advertise for a very low rates. The price for the click will be related to the auction and advertisers can use Twitter as a cheaper platform due to the reduced advertising competition. Twitter is known to have less number of users than Facebook, but reaching to the targeted people is really simple.

Broadcasting Live Contents Within Twitter

Twitter has made a new announcement about integrating live-streaming option within the app. Now all the Twitter users will be able to go live within Twitter and this is completely an attractive step from the company as expected. Till now we use to select the Periscope button in Twitter to use this feature and from now on you can go live without clicking the button. The Periscope button will still be available in the same place where it has been seen till now, but it is not required to click on it which makes the live broadcast very easy as you can do it from Twitter. This whole process of live videos has become much simple now as it is fully hosted in Twitter with the help of live button. Once you select this button you will see a pre-broadcast screen to start the live broadcast stream after entering the required details.

The broadcast screen will also have all the features that were available in the Periscope functionality and you won’t miss any of the features from Periscope. Due to this new update, the users need not download Periscope for live-streaming as it will be available in Twitter app itself. Till now those who were using the Periscope for broadcast, they were forced to use another application to broadcast the live content, but now the process has become really simple. Twitter has added this broadcast functionality within the app that can be used to create and also telecast live content through tweet reaching to more number of people.

The live stream created in Twitter has been saved in Periscope which makes it no available in your ‘Media’ listing. You must need the Periscope account for managing the content used for live broadcast till now from Periscope. After this new broadcast information from Twitter, users will have their entire video in one place without using the Periscope. Twitter has taken too much time to integrate the two options together, but the user can also show all their content in a single profile.  The company still needs some time to integrate most of the feature from Periscope to Twitter for making it a complete package for live streaming videos.

Twitter has made a big deal for broadcasting major events such as NFL matches and this would help them to develop a number of new viewers for live-streaming. Twitter had also announced a new option that helps the users to telecast video content from apps to TV screens at home limited to devices such as Apple TV. But here after there will not be any restrictions from Twitter as all the users will be able to see live videos using the app in HD. There are various social media that have been offering its users this kind of service which also includes Facebook, Youtube and more. Twitter had to do something new to attract more users and this integration would really help them reach a new level.

No More Lead Gen Campaigns in Twitter

The lead generation campaigns have been one of the most used advertising feature for many on Twitter. But now Twitter has announced that they would be removing this feature which would no longer be available as advertising option. At present the lead generation ads have not been able to give the right result that was expected by Twitter. Starting from February 1 next year, Twitter would completely remove the lead generation option. This is an official confirmation from Twitter, but still the marketers can view and edit or delete the campaigns. But this will not be possible after March of next year as per Twitters announcement. The lead generation campaign provides the option to make your own promotional tweet that will be attached to the card and it will enable the viewers to share their info through call-to-action button within the app. If you select the call-to-action button you can see name, @username as well as email address of the user automatically filled in the Card.

It has been one of the most popular option among the brands who have been increasing the e-mail lists with the help of tweets. This most important change is expected Twitter to lose more business users who will use Facebook with the same type of feature even though it is more restrictive. In Twitter user will be able to reach the followers of their competitors, but in Facebook this is completely different which has a limited overall effectiveness. As per Twitter, they have been planning to introduce new options that would support the advertisers in reaching their consumers. Twitters lead generation ads were specially designed to encourage the marketers to achieve DR campaigns and lead generation cards can be embedded in ads to help the people in Twitter to share their contact info with the marketers related to their interested product or service. Twitter will not just be removing the lead generation campaigns, but a new ad format would be introduced to attract more advertisers.

The new updates for the lead generation ads is expected to be much more supportive for the mobile users and it would be chat and voice-enabled that would easily reach to more people on the advertising platform. To support this Twitter has already introduced new options like welcome messages, quick replies and new chatbots in DM to make the conversation more effective for brands as well as consumers. Twitter announced this ad feature in 2013 and there has been no special updated related to this option since then. But other similar social networks such as Facebook have same type of options and they have been introducing new features till date. Twitter has not given any particular reason why they are removing this ad feature and there is also no other alternate feature available for the brands to use now. We have to just wait and see how the advertisers would react to this information from Twitter and how Twitter replace its ad feature.

Taking Care Of Social Media Crisis

There are times when you will receive high number of social messages in your social media account about a particular topic and this situation is known as social media crisis. Taking care of this situation is very important as it can get away from your hand and make it difficult to handle affecting your reputation. Never wait for the crisis to get over and also don’t ignore it which can make your problem worse. The social media crisis can spread to a large number and even damage the reputation of your company. Here are few techniques that can help to deal with social media crisis.

1. Make a plan- Once you become a victim of social media crisis it will make your spend your time and also money. Before falling into such a problem must always make a plan as you will not know when the situation arise. While preparing yourself try to make a list of things you have to respond first before you fall into social media crisis so it will become easy to handle the situation. Also set up committee related to your social media and make your entire members from your company part of it. Make sure all the members have a complete knowledge about the strategies to be used during the crisis when it occurs.

2. Link to information- You have to create a source where the customers and other people associated with your company will be able to get the latest information. It is possible to provide a good view about the situation and it can help to reduce the problem in the social media network.

3. Assess the situation- In case you want to deal with the situation in the right, first you have to assess it. Monitor it in such a way that you are able to control it in the right way. There are also few monitoring tools available specially for managing the social media posts and get notifications about your account. You can also track the messages that received through email and the search made with hashtags. Use your social media account to post proper updates about your company and reach to the customers directly. Make sure to provide an update about the crisis situation to all your audience without leaving even one. Even though there is no end to a social media crisis, you can simply monitor the entire situation.

4. Accept your fault- Social media crisis is normally caused both internally and externally. When it happens internally you must accept immediately even if you are not responsible for it. Then you have to assess the matter and share your opinion from where the issue first started. Once you fall into this situation, try to send an apology message on the same social media platform as soon as possible. The response message must be sent by the head of your company or the person who owns the social media account from where it all began.

Twitter Introduces New Option For Replies

Twitter has been testing a few options which showed some users reply mainly counted on their own tweets. Now there is an official confirmation from Twitter that this function will be available for all the users and new system will be introduced which will be able to rank the replies made by the user as per different factors. In this option first reply counts in Twitter alongside the re-tweet similar to the metrics on every tweet. With this function there will be more perception as to engagement levels during the tweet content and now we will get a good overview about how the people will respond to a particular message. Even though Twitter has taken a long time to add this function, it is really good step that they have at least included this now. Replies listing will not be a part of search as well as analytics capacity in Twitter as you can filter the search results of the tweet now related to replies made by users.

This new metric is expected to bring in more people to select a particular tweet and ‘Replies’ stat will be similar to the option ‘Comments’. You can also see the activity level of each rely related to the post and comments generated which will help in click through to check how people are responding for a notification received from a follower. According to Twitter, some of the replies made during a conversation in Twitter which is also not available as chronological order as they will group with sub-conversations. This is another way to use the algorithm ranking which is expected to increase your engagement on this social media platform and this feature is similar to Facebook where you can see it a user has shared a comment on your post. Twitter is planning to do the same as it is planning to increase its listings by displaying the replies that the users are interested in, but we have to wait to see how it works.

This is a very unique option which will make the Twitter users more exited as it really makes sense. Twitter also shared their testing about notification relevance with the learning systems has received a good result. With this data Twitter has made a really positive move that is expected to attract more users when compared other major social media channels. Twitter was facing a lot of risk of losing the users due to other platforms improvement in their features. Both these additions in this social media platform would be a positive approach from the company with increased context which also shows that they have been trying to customize user experience. All these efforts made by Twitter is known to increase the engagement that would automatically improve this social media platform. Whether these options are able to take Twitter to a next level is yet to see and in what range these features are helpful for the users are also still expected.

Twitter Moments Available For Mobile Users

Twitter had revealed few months ago that all its users can create Moments of their own, but this feature has not worked as Twitter would want to. Moments can be created only on the computer till now and Twitter has now made this available for the mobile users as well. The desktop version of this feature was complicated as everyone was not able to access it and the everyday Twitter users had to face a big issue due to this as they were not able to share their moments on the go. In the present world everyone uses social media platform like Twitter through their mobile device and by giving the Twitter users to access Moments feature in their mobile people can create multiple tweets at the same time. According to report, about 82% of users in Twitter are based on mobile device and about 90% Twitter video is viewed only through mobile.

Till few months back Twitter had not give this option for its users a now they have taken this inability to make it available for all kinds of Twitter users. It is official now that Twitter users will be able to create their Moments with the help of a mobile device and also share it easily. If you would like to create your Moment through mobile, first compose a tweet and select drop-down menu and you will see the option ‘Add to Moment’. You can also choose additional tweets and include them into the Moment collection. By using particular keywords it is also possible to select and add more tweets into the Moment feature. After including the tweets in Moments try to arrange them, change color of the background and personalize the image as well as the tweets. Then include a cover image as well as description for the Moment before selecting the option ‘Publish’.

Now you will have to option to send the Moment through tweet using the URL and share it with other users in Twitter. There is also an option called as ‘Finish later’ which is available in this feature which is helpful to save the Moment and use it later. With this all this new and updated feature it is possible to attract to most of the Twitter users easily, but we are yet to see the response from the people. When Moments feature was introduced there was only a little amount of increases in the overall engagement in Twitter and most of time Twitter has been creating Moments to make engaging.

There is also another option that Twitter is expected to add in its Moments features like they are planning to change Moments tab located in mobile app using a new option like ‘Happening’ and ‘Explore’ which are still under testing stage. There are lots of other social media networks that provides same kind of options for all its users and Twitter would have to make things right with their new Moment feature to keep its users engaged.

Tools To Create Attractive Social Media Images

Using images on the social media profile is very important as it can easily attract more followers. But you must know what type of images will be able to attract the genuine users in the social media. You can maintain the consistency about your followers and create a unique brand image about your business on the social media. Twitter is one of the most important social media platform that is mainly used by every business people to promote their product. If you are not sure how to create the most amazing images for using in Twitter, there are two important tools that can be of good use.

1. Canva- This is one of the most popular tool that is used to create different types of images for using it in your social media profile. It is available as free and premium versions which can be used depending upon your actual purpose. But the free version would be perfect for creating images for social media like Twitter. To use this you need to create an account and log in to Canva before selecting the size of image that you like to create. This tool has particular image size depending upon the social platform you want to use it in, so try to select the best one suitable for your profile. Twitter and other major social platforms use images with the size of 800×800 pixels which you can select from the option. Next you have to select the background image for your social media profile. There are few images that are available for free in this tool which can be selected from the section Free Photos. If you are no able to find the right image for your profile, try to use the premium version of this tool. Now you can upload the selected image and resize it within the tool before adding the color. You can also add a text as well as logo within the image you have selected and download it in different formats.

2. DesignBold- It is almost similar to the Canva tool along with unique options and templates. This tool also has free and premium features, but to use it in the perfect way you have go for the premium version. Once your log in to this tool try to select the size of the image which is as usual 800×800 pixels and choose another image for the background. There are options to change the color over the image as per your wish and include a text. Just like in Canva, you can also include a logo of your brand over the image and download it in various standard formats such as JPEG, PDF, PNG, etc. Before using all these features in this tool, try to go through them to know which one is suitable for your social image. So you can create really stunning images for using it in your Twitter profile and attract the followers as well as customers.

Steps To Know Competitors Action

Those who want to become more successful with their business, it is important to keep an eye on their competitors and the audience interest. The first thing to do is monitor your competitors to know their future plans, so you can act accordingly and improve your social marketing. Here are few steps that can help to know your competitors approach with their product in future.

1. Content sharing- This is a very important step where you have to know the competitor content shared by others on the social media platform. You can also use a tool such as Ahrefs to know how your competitor contents are performing on the social media platform. Just access the tool and enter domain name of your competitor to see the content sharing status. You can also see when the content was posted on the social media which is the best part of this tool as you can know the reason behind the content sharing of your competitor.

2. Audience sharing the content- Try to know who shares the contents of your competitors as they will also like your content too. To know this you can use Twitter which is the best social media available to get results related to contents. Use the search option in Twitter to enter competitor handle to get the results. Once you see the details, try to follow or approach them and even share their posts.

3. Influencers sharing content- There are people who will be sharing your content on regular basis and the competitors will also get benefits from all those people. To find the best influencers you can use the tool BuzzSumo to enter website details of your competitor and the get results related to the content shared by the people on the social media platform. Once you see the influencer’s details that have followers and also find out their website to know further details about them. Just use the normal version of this tool instead of using a premium version.

4. Most of used content- This step is also important as you will be able to know the posts that are popular of your competitor and the number of people who have shared it. To do this you can also use the same tool BuzzSumo and enter the website of your competitor to get the results before analyzing them. Once you filter the required things from the result, try to share the same content from your profile and if possible you can also start a similar topic related to the content of your competitor. Try to use all the social media platforms including Twitter where your competitors have the account.

5. Twitter and tweet- The search option in Twitter is the best option to see the links related to your competitors account. Then see the tweets made by your competitor and the response it is getting. By knowing this you will be able to know what type of tweets work best to attract the audience.