Communication Tools For Social Media Teams

Those who manage a marketing team must be able to communicate with them in a proper way and mainly if it is a social media team. There are special tools that can be used to make the communicating easier with the marketing team which is useful in creating good content and completing tasks at the right time. All these communication tools are capable of creating content and managing them to improve your team communication.

1. Evernote- This app can be used to create new content in notebooks featuring individual notes. You can also include photos, texts and files in these notes before sharing them along with the users. It is possible to convert the notes into a PDF file and even add reminders. There is also an option to chat in this app that can be used to communicate in real-time along with your team. It is one of the best options for if you are marketing through social media platform like Twitter.

2. Basecamp- It is a management tool which can be used to create your own share files, communicate with team members and prepare to-do lists. Use this web-based tool to invite individual users and discuss with them within a group. There is also highly customizable feature available in this tool that can be used for managing your team members during a social media marketing process.

3. CoSchedule- As its name itself suggests that you can schedule your project and manage it as well for content marketing along with your team. You can also get an indication about the upcoming posts using this tool and it also helps to find out the contents that gets most shares. There is also a status bars that can help to monitor the progress related to the to-do lists. This is a perfect tool to share your content on various social media networks. You can use this tool only after making a payment and there is no free plan available in it.

4. Trello- This is also one of the most popular tool that makes managing of your social media very easy. It also allows content generation with a streamlined as well as efficient process. Try to organize projects based on your interests without missing a deadline with the help of this tool. You will be able to create seperate boards for the users to see the content and also create lists within the boards. This tool is considered to be the best when compared to other project management tool as it makes communication simple.

5. Slack- It is the most successful communication channel used by many social media users who like to promote their service online. This tool can be used as individual chat rooms where you can invite the team members for a private conversation. You can also share contents that feature images, spreadsheets, PDFs and more. The users can have all their conversations in the history that can be referred whenever they want.

Managing Your Social Media With These Tools

There are some special tools available for the social media users so that they can streamline their entire tasks. These tools can be a perfect choice for those who are using multiple social media accounts. In the present day most of the social media users create more than one account for various purposes and mainly in Twitter it is possible to see one person creating more account such as for business purpose, personal, etc. You can use one of these tools to simplify your work on the social media platform like Twitter. Each of these following tools have their own unique features that can work for various purposes while managing your social media network and it can be selected depending upon users purpose.

1. SocialOomph- This is one of the tool that provides most interesting options to increase the marketing strategy of a business. You have to create an account in this tool for using it along with your social media profile. This tool features 5 tabs for managing your social media and connects with various groups of people. If you are really looking for a good tool for marketing through social media, try to select SocialOomph.

2. Everypost- It features a dashboard that makes work easy for social media marketing. Just login to the tool and add the account that you like to manage such as Twitter. You can also create unique content with this tool for sharing it with the audience in Twitter. This tool is available in five versions which also include a free version.

3. Hootsuite- This is the most common social media tools that can be used to manage various accounts. It is also most used tool all over the world to promote their business perfectly. Many people use it for managing Twitter account and you must create an account before using it. Once you login into this tool, try to include a social media network such as Twitter and start your work. With the free plan itself you will be able to use most of its features and if you like to use it in a most professional way use a paid version of this tool.

4. Buffer- Those who want to manage their work in a simple way along with their team, then this tool can be the best option for them. It is already the most used tool among the social media people as it makes their team work easy. There is a dashboard in this tool that features the options to include or remove social media network and get connected with profiles. This tool also has the option to schedule your posts automatically. It is possible to share content directly with the help of your mobile app and even with browser extension with this tool that makes it really interesting. Go for a free version of this tool if you are using it for personal use and to make it really professional try to purchase premium version.

Steps To Get Better Direct Tweet Responses

Direct responses are very important for Twitter users and there are ways that can help to achieve the direct response in a perfect way. Some of the things that have been found by the research team of Twitter is there are more important data points which are useful in improving your tweet performance overall.

1. Urgency- Tweets featuring words such as quick, hurry and similar to these words are known to have very less cost per acquisition as well as high click-through rate. But overall there are only few tweets that feature these types of words. You can use these words in case of any importance and mainly this is used by the marketers who are new to promote their brand. Whenever you send a tweet in real-time, it is the perfect choice to make it work. While starting your tweet campaign you can easily create an impression of rush to make the users to pay attention immediately.

2. Discounts with percentages- The tweets that feature percentage discounts have known to do well when compared to other tweets based on cost per acquisition. This is also known to be a very normal way of advertising where the percentage is able to attract direct response for the tweets.

3. Additional opportunities- Twitter is usually used to get updates in real-time and most of the people use this social media platform to get latest news across the world. You can advertise latest happening in Twitter which is one of the best ways to attract more direct responses. It is important to create new opportunities for the users in order to get good direct responses.

4. Tweet length- Twitter used to allow only 140 characters to define your tweet, but it has been increased now. Even then you must make sure to use only 100 characters which will make it more interesting and also attract more users. Try to maintain the length of your tweet as short as possible to make it more responsive. Tweets that are made with around 100-120 characters are known to have highest CPA when compared to tweets with less than that.

5. Questioning- The brands that feature in Twitter are known to ask more questions while sending a tweet and they have been more successful in getting direct responses. By just asking questions in your tweets you can create an opportunity to your audience to share their answers or opinions through direct responses.

6. Rewards- This is one of the best ways to attract direct responses from Twitter users. You can conduct a contest in Twitter which must be relevant to your brand and announce and reward for the winner. When you start a contest, the audience will get an opportunity to interact with you. As a brand you have to announce a prize for the audience who like to visit your profile and this will create a buzz among the people which will help to achieve a direct response.

New Features For Customer Service In Twitter

Most of the social media networks have been using Messenger as their main customer service option, but Twitter has been able to attract more people with its unique features. To make customer service more interesting, Twitter has introduced new features to deal with the customers and provide good service to them. There are 3 new features that has been revealed by Twitter that have been specially designed to offer good customer service and engage into a businesses on this social media platform. Some of these features have been already available in Twitter, but now they have been updated further to make it more simple to the brands who want to handle customer service through Twitter. To use these new features you must access the menu Customer Support in the Twitter Dashboard.

1. Enable customer support- There is an option called as Provides support that can be selected and you can view it just next to the Twitter name. You will get a message button that will be included in your profile. This feature is mainly helpful for the brands who are managing multiple accounts which feature both marketing and support. It is one of the most important features that must be accessed first in order to use the remaining features in Twitter. This will make your customer support more interesting and also save both your time as well as customer’s time. Everyone who wants to use Twitter for customer service must use this feature to make it more effectively.

2. Support hours- Till now brands were able to add their available timing of support in the bio text. But now there is an option to make others to know your best time that would be perfect to send a tweet or Direct Message. There is a dedicated line that can be seen on top of the profile to use this feature. You must just select the option ‘Support hours’ in the Settings and enter hours as well as days that would be perfect for your business. There is an option to select the time zone by accessing drop-down box. By using this feature, the people who visit your profile will be able to know that you will be most responsive during the mentioned hours and will send you a tweet during this time only.

3. Welcome message- Adding the welcome message will help to attract more customers as soon as they see your profile and you can also express the way you want to help your customers with this simple message. The welcome message will appear when people will send you a Direct Message from your Twitter profile. There are also special options available in Twitter that can be accessed only by particular brands that helps to send Quick Replies to their customers. With this option you will be able to display automatic message asking for little more information about the customer query before you can handle the, directly with useful information.

Twitter Will Overcome Vine Failure

Vine is part of Twitter that features short video sharing on the social media network. The vine users can post videos of short length that is about 6 seconds in length which makes it really interesting. This option from Twitter is considered to be very unique and it was introduced for the users at the time when people were looking achieve fame with their short videos. Vine was first introduced in the year 2013 and people used it to post six second video that can be uploaded directly through their mobile device. Once this was launched people from all over the world started to post videos on regular basis till it faced tough competition from Instagram and Snapchat. Once the vine faced competition from other similar sources it failed to recover. In the present world everyone wants to act in a fast paced manner and with updated features from other similar options, Vine failed to recover from its fall. Twitter introduced Vine as an updated and unique feature, but failed to innovate after acquiring from Periscope.

During the introduction of Vine, there was tough competition from Snapchat and Instagram that made a big impact on this Twitter’s new option. Now there are also other social media platforms that have introduced many live streaming video options that are used by various people when compared to the other features. Twitter has been facing lot of problems recent times as several other social media offers advanced features related to video sharing.  The NFL night game which was expected to get more attention from the public failed to do due to various reasons and Twitter also saw few large suitors backed making other to be aware of this. Twitter offers live streaming videos of only NBA shows and along with Google they are planning to index the tweets on Google. They will be continuing their process to improve Periscope to improve Twitter’s analytics reporting systems as well as dashboards. Now it is also possible to upload videos directly in Twitter that makes it easy for the users who can avoid using Vine for sharing videos.

Twitter has been introducing new and innovative features that would become easier for its users to stay connected with people on this social media platform. The options available in Twitter are very simple that makes it unique when compared to other similar social media platforms. Twitter was also used to connect with various other social platforms and websites that make it easier to use. There are many people who want to use Twitter on regular basis and when compared to other platforms they have highest number of active users. There has been speculation that the failure of Vine will affect Twitter in a huge way, but Twitter still has more other functions that would keep its users attracted to it. Most of the businesses still use Twitter to get connected with customers and also promote their products in an efficient way.

New DM Tools From Twitter For Business

Direct messaging has been the main focus for all the businesses as it helps to improve the customer service experience. Even though various other social media platforms have been updating their direct messaging service, Twitter has been lacking behind. Twitter is considered to be a very important platform for businesses to take care customer queries. The tweets made by the people related to business are known to play a very important role as it will help to make the brands to respond directly to a tweet to make everyone see it. The tweets are very short and that can attract people in real-time which make it most perfect for a query made by the customers. By sending a direct message or a tweet you can get reply from the customers quickly which is the most effective way to fulfill their customers needs. Twitter had no interest in highlighting their direct messaging service to its users which would increase their usage as well as engagement.

But now it is time for Twitter to take their direct messaging service to the next level as there are new ideas to enter into the messaging trend with automated responses and other new features that would increase the Twitter’s strength on the social media platform. Twitter has also included a new direct messaging tool which would automate the query process for the customers online. Twitter is also adding latest automated features that will become a part of brand messaging and this is expected to help its users for faster responses. It will also make the brands to take immediate action without any additional pressure during the existing resources. The new features will have a welcome message that would enable the brands to send a greeting message to its customers immediately after entering into direct message process. In case a customer wants to send a direct message to a business, the brand will be able to provide a greeting to start their conversation.

Twitter says the brands will be able to create multiple messages to welcome their customers into a conversation. These welcome messages can support the brands to show their commitment towards the offered by them. To create your own welcome message, turn on the customer support features in your profile on the Twitter Dashboard. Now you will get listed as a customer support provider and you must enter the message to show up before starting the direct message conversation. Twitter is expected to become a key platform with its direct messaging process with all the latest features. Very soon Twitter would will be a ideal platform for utility service with such updates. In case Twitter tries to increase its public reliability on their platform with brand interactions using the new tools it can help to generate more users. There are also response tools available in Twitter that can be used to highlight the things which is done on this platform and the reasons behind more people engaging with Twitter for customer service.

Twitter Leads With Automated Options

To get Twitter leads you must mainly focus on it manually by spending more time on this social media platform. But there are also ways to automate this process so you can get relevant leads related to your business. By doing this you will be able to save more time and easily get connected with your customers in Twitter. There are few things that can be used to automate your Twitter leads process. Many people fail to recognize the best option to get the leads in Twitter, but with these steps you will be able to make most out of it.

1. Twitter search option- You can use Twitter search by entering particular words to find the leads related to your business. Try to do some research to find out the best keywords to be used in the search option on Twitter and while using the keyword you can also mention the geographic location to filter your search results. You can also use Advanced Search option in Twitter to make your search results more unique. There are also other options like search operators located on search bar in Twitter to filter the results of your search. Another option includes Search Queries that can be used to look for your leads. Before using the search options make sure to test it in a proper way by using simple keywords in the search box.

2. IFTTT- This is a simple web-based service which can be used to automate your recurring tasks in Twitter. Use IFTTT for receiving an email whenever someone uses the search query in their tweet. While using IFTTT you will be receiving email notification on regular basis, but all the emails you see will not be useful for your business so try to find the best one suitable for you. Try to select your action channel to receive the notification through email or other sources. Then decide what type of information you want to add in the body of the email notification. You will see a default option in the setting of email notification, so you have to adjust it as per your desire. You will be able to create up to five lead generation options for Twitter to get the right number of leads in Twitter.

3. Using the leads- After your get the leads related to your business, it is time to use them in a proper way by engaging with the people. To do this first contact the person, then tell them you are ready to help them. Never use hard terms while speaking to your lead and make sure that your conversation brings smile to them. You must always see your notification to follow up with your leads in a proper way. Once you have followed all these options to get automated lead generation in Twitter, there will be lot of streams related to your leads will be available that must be selected for using it to your business.

Find Your Prospect With Twitter

The people who are looking to get more business can use one of the social media platform such as Twitter. Most of the people dont know how social media can support them in making the business process easy. Twitter is one of the most important social media that is used by business people all over the world as it helps to get connected with their customers and build a good relationship. In the present market everyone wants to improve their sales, but you must know a proper way to use social media properly. Here are few ways to know how to get connected with your potential prospects in Twitter.

1. Prospects search- First your must decide about your prospects which will help in the development of your sales. Make sure to know all the details related to your prospects before proceeding with your sales process. In Twitter you can find the prospects and other companies to know which content they are using in their social media account. You will get a complete detail about their Twitter account such as retweets made by them, multiples tweets made during the day and more which will give you an idea about how the company is using their social media account.

2. Engage with people- Once you have got the potential prospects try to approach them in a friendly manner. You want the prospects to keep in touch with your whenever they are in need of an help related to your brand. Try to provide the required information with your leads whenever they are need of it. Use Twitter to express more details about your brand to your prospects along with valuable content that can be helpful. You must also do content marketing and share the same with you team to become more successful with your sales. In Twitter you must watch the tweets made by your prospects and try to retweet them if required. In case someone is sharing useful information, it can be used for retweeting and they will think that you are really interested in their content. To connect with your lead first follow the tweets made by the prospects even if it is made from personal account related to their brand.

3. Meet the leads- Once you have connected with your lead, it is time for you to meet them. In case the prospects are attending a conference in which you are going to participate in, just begin a conversation with hashtag along with Twitter handle to make them respond easily. During a conference just send a tweet with the same hashtag which will make your business process much easier. One more important thing is you must follow the prospect account from your company account and if possible make sure to follow the company as well as the prospect for better understanding. By following all these steps you can make your sales process simple and also get complete details about your prospects before having a meeting.

Making Your Social Media Content Shareable

Sharing a post on the social media platform is easy, but it is very difficult to make other share your content. There are ways to create content and post it so other can easily share them. The following are few important techniques that can help to increase your content share on the social media network.

1. Look for trending topics- Always look for the topics before they become a trend among various people on the social media platform. You must know what type of content would attract the people on social media before making them shareable. There are also few tools to find the right shared content and you can use them to search for shared content based on the particular keyword. By using the right tool it will be easier to get a complete report about the content that is successful among the people. Some of them also help to see share activity in Twitter during different timeline. Make sure that you don’t copy the searched content directly as it will d, just use them to find the right keywords.

2. Promote your content in title- Most of the people will look for the title of the post before reading the content in it. So try to mention about your content on the title to get attention from all the social media users. Make your audience to get attracted to the title of the post online, so they would be interested in reading your content. When you create a perfectly shared title, it will create awareness about the content and make a subject of attraction for your audience.

3. Benefit from visual content- Apart from adding unique content in your posts you must also include a photo to make it stand out separately from other contents. Try to create resourceful images to increase the visibility of your content. Avoid using stock images as they will be used by many people on various platforms. Try to create your own custom images by using various designing tools. There are a number of free tools for creating beautiful custom images, you just need to sign up and start creating your preferred images.

4. Content based on social networks- The audiences on social media are completely different from to another. Social media network such as Twitter is known to have more number of users and you can have real-time conversation based on any trending topics. So your content must be really unique in order to attract the audience on these kinds of platforms. Every social media network have their own way of promoting the content, so try to understand them first before sharing your own content.

5. Posting time- Note down the best time for posting your content and it can be easily shared during peak hours. The peak hours will help to make your content attractive and it will get you more engagement as well. By making your content shareable, you can increase the number of your audience.

Promoting Small Business With Live Videos

Live video is a perfect way to make people more interested about your business. But many people don’t think that the live videos are useful in generating any leads to their business. Most of the bigger businesses use a video to promote their products, but the same can be followed by those who are running a smaller business. In the present day everyone wants to see something different and you can present it with a video. Visuals are easy recognized and also liked by everyone all over the world, so you can create unique videos to attract more customers.

1. Video with products- Every social media platform offers its users with various options that can be used to make their business unique. So you can create a video related to your brand and if you don’t have an idea what to add in the video, just include the details about your product. There are also few tools that can help while including the social media marketing into your business regularly. Another option is trying to humanize the business that can help to reach out to more customers very easily. Every customer wants to know more about the products they are buying, so you can add a video related to your business to make the consumer well about your products. With the perfectly developed live video it is possible to create a good connection with your consumers and also know what they think about your products.

2. Introducing new products- Now business people normally introduce their products with an image, but you can make it more attractive by introducing your product in a video. But most importantly live video will help to create a generate buzz during the launch of your new product. You can easily use Twitter or social media platform to telecast live video related to your product. All the business can really get excited as the live video can easily attract many people to their products. Without showing your product in the video will make the customers confuse, so try to add some of the interesting things about your product in the video which will attract more customers. Don’t reveal everything about your product and try to maintain a little suspense which will make all the audience eager to see the product and even buy them.

3. Broadcast directly- One of the best ways to create more attractive live video it to take the customers directly to the location of your product. Try to be consistent during a live video, so schedule the videos that will be broadcasted live in future. This will make the consumers anticipate your videos related to the brand. Live videos are expected to improve the experience with the present customers and it can slowly reach out to other people related to your original customer. Live videos are very much the best way to promote a business even it is small in the social media platform.