New Anti-Abuse Tools From Twitter

Twitter has been taking some important actions to deal with trolls and social media abuse. There are number of new privacy measures and security options have been introduced by Twitter such as safer search results, temporary restrictions of accounts, limiting visibility of tweets and more. All these options have been very small, but it is yet to see how the users are going to experience this kind of measures to solve the online abuse. Twitter has been introducing new tools that would take care of various concerns related to trolls and make this social media platform more pleasing for its users. One of the new measure blocks profiles from others view along with warning which says that the content used from Twitter account can be offensive. The users will be able to click the option ‘Yes, view profile’ to move on and there will be no moment to pause. This will give the Twitter users a simple chance without getting exposed to offensive content.

According to report, the users will not get any notifications when their Twitter accounts are being flagged and they will also not see any guidelines related to their account being blocked. Even though this option is under test mode the sensitive content will be flagged as per their present guidelines and the user and the explanations will be provided to the users when their tool gets enacted. This option is under the first stage of testing phase and there will be few changes when a completed tool comes into use for the Twitter account holders. It is considered to give a big problem for most of the brands who use Twitter to promote their business in case their account gets blocked as per the guidelines. The businesses would like to reach to people in large members on the social media platform and the tool like these may affect them. Twitter will also be able to provide complete information about their tool once they are ready with it after their test proves be good and use it on their social platform.

At present, all their tools have been limited and may be replaced if they fail to perform in the right way. This is really good news for most of the Twitter users as they are working hard to handle the online trolls and abuse. Twitter has been facing few criticizism recently for their inability to act against the online abusers on their platform due to lack of any new innovation. There are many apps that have been introduced that have been used by many people all over the online platform and with the behavior of users being changed, the trolling has also been increased which must be handled in the right way. Twitter has worked hard to introduce anti-abuse measures that will be able to change Twitter lists in few hours. The Twitter users will easily get benefitted with all these important steps taken by this social channel.

Twitter Still A Best Platform For Marketers

Twitter has been one of the most used social media channels for common people and marketers. There has been news about revenue decline for Twitter that has made most of the marketers to think about using Twitter. But there is still a long way to stop using Twitter especially for the marketers. Even now Twitter is able to give a good insight about real-time trends that gives the brand a chance to connect with their customers accordingly. The following are few important reasons that still make Twitter the right platform for the users.

1. Real-time service- Most of the customers like to get updates related to their purchased products in real-time. The customers also like to reach their brands through social media channels like Twitter than just sending emails related to the products. It is also very easy to get connected with the brands for consumers and customers can reach the brands within few minutes. You can also get immediate response from the either one of them. The brands that want to use Twitter for customer service must have more employees to answer the queries related to their product on Twitter.

2. Real-time insights- Most of the people will be using Twitter regularly to share their opinions as they can get real-time updates about all the information they want to have. The number of audience who use Twitter to get real-time insights are on mobile. According to report there has been a positive link between social posts and the users. Twitter is also one of the best sources to get meaningful insights that are really helpful for the users on this social media platform. There are many researchers who use Twitter to get information related to their research.

3. Marketing feature in Twitter- There has been lot of improvements in Twitter since its introduction and they have been regularly updating the usage experience through various features. The marketers are looking for new updates to improve their business and Twitter has been supporting them in the right way. Some of the key features are really attractive to keep the customers engaged on this platform.

4. Regular improvements- Twitter has been doing regular improvements to its features as there has been tough competition from similar social media channels. There are many users who are still able to make use of Twitters features to reach their customers. Twitter is one of the social media platforms that are the best to use and get better understanding about the customers. There are few people use Twitter for their personal use and some of the marketers use it only for promoting their business.  Twitter is mainly helpful for the marketers in a special way as the data available in it can be used to analyze and look for future insights. The marketers can also use the Twitter data to capitalize on the current trends on the social media platforms that can help them to connect with their customers.

First View Data From Twitter

Twitter had released a new option known as last year First View that was able to help the marketers to know how to make their promoted social video will target audience after logging into the Twitter account. According to Twitter First View supports the brands to get attention on top of their timeline. The First View was part of Twitter research that will shows the result of first video in the timeline that is able to generate uplift on major metrics compared to other subsequent videos seen. The pricing of these video ads normal vary significantly since its introduction a year ago and Twitter wants to mark First View anniversary by offering a latest research report and the way the business marketers can use for their development.

Twitter says that memory response has been highest during the starting 30 seconds in Twitter session and the users have been increasing to get connected emotionally with their content. This research is based on Twitter’s neurological research that really makes a good sense due to the effects of tweets. The initial video has been extremely valuable as it helps the marketer to look for relevant and meaningful video message. All these data’s signify the importance of knowing when most of the targeted audiences are online in Twitter without the help of First View option. With the help of your analytics it is possible to get the right idea about your audience and mostly when they are active to capitalize on it effect organically. The research from Twitter also shows first video viewed by the audience on Twitter is capable of getting higher responses when compared to other activities on this social media platform.

Twitter is also been resistant on its previous stats related to the engagement of video content on tweets as the video tweets can get shared easily when compared to the image tweets. According to previous data, tweets featuring a video are expected to get 9 times more engagement when compared to the text updates, tweets with the GIFs are able to get 6 times more engagement when compared to texts and tweets only with images are capable of receiving 3 times more engagement when you compare them with basic texts. Twitter also underlines the video which is most popular on the social media platform today. The First View video is related to the option how it helps to improve the performance based on important brand metrics.

The First View option is known to be the best choice for promoting events that happen line and keeping real-time video right on top of the audiences timelines. Twitter also suggests important steps that can make your First View really successful. You have to make the messaging process really simple and it must mainly focus on your main assets. You must also use the content to connect with current event which must be associated with the people’s interests. First View data is really worth considering for most of the marketers.

Steps To Get Social Analytics Without Any Tools

There are many tools that are used by the professionals to analyze their social media channel performance. But all these are not able to deliver the exact result that is expected by the marketers even if you are using the premium tools. Most of the businesses provide social analytics with tools such as Hootsuite, Mention and more. All these tools normally see your daily performance and offer the same type of data that work easily with a presentation of same. The engagement metrics offered by Twitter API is Likes as well as Retweet counts. You can use a tool like HubSpot as it can provide URL shorteners that can be used to get data related to link clicks. There are various reasons that affect the tools in providing a complete view about your social media engagement. This data can be perfect if your want to know the basic trend on the social media platform, but it cannot help to improve your social strategy as you need to have more data to do this.

There are ways to get all the extra information without any cost using analytics tools that has important details about the social profiles and it has been specially developed on various social networks. The social networks have not able to provide the right information about the data to the users and try to monetize more audiences, but most of the social media networks have been trying to offer a best solution for the users. Most of the social media analytics tools are not able to offer actionable data to their users due to the lack of metrics from APIs of various social networks. All these built-in social analytics solutions can give more exact and complete data related to the social media networks performance. The built-in social media analytics is available with lot of engagement types which includes re-share, comment, context and more which gives completely new information to all the users.

By using the actionable data it is possible to determine the engagement of your content based on the context of the impressions. You can also determine the type of social media that attracts your audience and starts the engagement related to the media types. The descriptive data can be more useful to know your current status without finding any particular problems. In order to get the correct data try to get a complex analysis related to the future trends. Go to Twitter Analytics using your Twitter account to see the overview related to important descriptive metrics. You will find the impressions received along with engagements and its rate next to each post. You can select the particular post to see the breakdown of your engagement types. But Twitter only lets us to export the data and it must be analyzed with the help of your tool. It is also possible to assess your data of individual posts which lets you to assess the insights related to content type.

Twitter To Ban Abusive Accounts

Twitter is one of the social media platforms where people get accused on various occasions. To deal with this abusive behavior from users on this media platform, Twitter has been trying various things. One of the latest technique that has been introduced by Twitter is offenders are sent notifications showing tweet reach has been limited. The penalty for abusing on this social media platform is for about 12 hours and there are no clear options available about the violations that occur. But it is expected to have an individual breakout time where the user will be warned. The limitation is in such a way that the user’s from outside the account will not be able to see the tweets. The same option is also applicable for the re-tweets where a person tries to send a reply to tweets made by the banned user, it will just be seen by the followers of that particular Twitter account.

According to Twitter the banning option will not be used for just a single incident and it will happen only when the behavior continuous in a broad way. This restrictions is considered to be Twitter’s one of the best moves till no to deal with the online abuse. Even though the limitations will be on temporary basis and it will also let the people to use their Twitter account with limited restrictions. This important move from Twitter is the best which will help them to deal with one of the biggest issues faced by them from a long time. There is one problem with this restriction that is the banned account will be back online once the limited time is over. The tweets also come back to the account after the time limit which is not really a good step from Twitter. But it can reduce the tweets that follow up the original tweet and also make people to rethink about their sharing content which may not contain any abuses due to the ban.

Twitter can make some changes to this new option like increasing the time limit for the restriction from 12 hours to more. They can also create a level on limitation that can happen before the full ban. This is really a step forward from Twitter to reduce the abuse on this social media platform. As informed in January by Ed Ho, VP of Engineering for Twitter the update looks really interesting for dealing with the online abuse. Twitter also announced about a new change which will help the users to report the tweets made by blocked accounts and a new option known as ‘safe search’ has been introduced which will remove the tweets which feature sensitive content. They even announced there will be no notification when the users get listed been getting reversed a few hours later. Apart from all the options introduced by Twitter, this one is really interesting where the users will also feel free to express their views without getting abused

Social Marketing For Successful Brands

Marketing on the social media has been the latest trend among most of the businesses. Brands that have been getting good engagement on the social media have been following a special technique to achieve it in the best way. The following are some of the methods that have been followed by most of the brands to become successful on the social media.

1. Brand based hashtags- Hashtags are the best way to make your post easily recognizable by your followers. Select a hashtag that is based on your brand for using it on the social media platforms. The hashtags must represent your brand or product and it must also be mainly related to your service.

2. Develop a community- Most of the brands like to build communities that is based on their own sites. Try to create on-site alternative that must feature bonuses with followers. This is one of the best ways to provide rewards to engage with people on the social media platforms and control them.

3. Assess your technique- Once you have used the marketing technique, try to assess it. The process that is successful for your brand may not work for other brands and the method that fails to work for your brand may not be the right choice for others. Engagement is the most important thing to become successful on the social media channels.

4. Encourage your followers- Many customers look for reviews about a brand the social media channels and this has been increasing a faster way. Look for Twitter notifications which will help to maintain your reply time very less and create a good impact on your brand. This will also help to support your followers to share things about your brand.

5. Twitter follower’s effect- If your company is going to offer any special discount on the product, it will get shared through your followers on the social media. Try to give offers that will reach to your follower which is best ways to maintain your current and new customers.

6. Introduce latest products- Whenever you are planning to launch a new product, try to do this on the social media platform. Social media offers new ways to launch your latest products which is really unique and it can easily attract more fans as well as followers.

7. Deal with feedbacks- The posts used on the social channels will receive both positive as well as negative feedbacks. Whenever you get negative feedbacks related to your product, try to deal with it immediately. You must all the negative feedbacks from your customers and try to rectify which can improve the brand impression on the social media.

8. Select a tweet time- This is important for the Twitter users who want to promote their brand. You must select the best time on daily basis to send your tweets related to the products. Try to assess what type of tweets is able to get more engagement for your Twitter account.

Abusive Accounts To Get Temporary Restrictions

Twitter has been trying to stop abusive behavior from the users on this social media platform and due to this they are limiting the account reach that are expected to engage in action like this. This new process from Twitter is expected to be introduced last week as it said and with this the offenders will get a notification which will feature that tweet reach has been reduced. The message that will be seen by the offender is we have detected possible abusive behavior on your account and here after only the followers will see your activity in Twitter. Now the penalty for this behavior will be left on your account for about twelve hours. It is still not known that how the violation will be considered as per different levels of abusive behavior. In fact there will be separate breakout for time which is built in warning message itself.

As per the limitation, anyone out of the current follower list from the user the tweets will not be visible. It also applicable for re-tweets as those who re-tweets banned user which will not extend apart from their followers. According to Twitter, if a user claims about using a term like retard and various others who have been noted were banned as considered to be political-based discussion. The bans will not happen due to result of one incident and the accounts behavior will be looked in a broad way. The restrictions are among Twitter’s strongest action to control the abusive behavior. This particular limitation for abuses is on temporary basis only, but the people will be allowed to use the Twitter with limited capacity. It also shows that this social media platform will go to a new direction from free speech that has been allowed till now. But there is also a time limit after which all the tweets will be back to their account and restriction will have any huge impact. It will just help to limit the tweet barrages and make the users to re-consider the things that they have shared.

This process could have been much better if Twitter had increased its time limit for the restriction of account. During this, the user can create another account and continue their abuse which is one of the things that Twit7ter has been working to deal with. Even though it is not one of the best moves from Twitter to control online abuses, it is the best they have done to deal with such an issue. In the other hand, Twitter is also planning to control trolling and abuses on this platform. Another new option which is called as safe search has been introduced which will help to get rid of Tweets that feature really sensitive content. It is expected to work on algorithm where the tweet responses will be hidden featuring abusive as well as low-quality retweets. We are still expected to see how these steps affect the Twitter users.

New Research From Twitter About Effective Video

Twitter has done a new research where it was looking for the video content which performs well in generating mental response and memory on this social media platform. The study was conducted along with the Omnicom Media Group about 127 users in Twitter were analyzed with neuroscience to look for brain activity. The following are few results that were achieved from the research. All the following results are expected to play a very important impact on video strategies in Twitter. The following are important study made by Twitter based on neurological response.

1. Twitter’s brand video- The Twitter video will extract better response rates to the memory encoding and personal relevance along with emotional intensity that gets associated with highest purchase intent. The company also revealed that they wanted to look for same kind of response for their brand video in the normal Twitter activity as the users will not be able to differentiate between the promotional video and tweet content. The videos that are able to auto play in the same timeline were able to get more memory responses when compared to the video that was viewed in full-screen which is more immersive as well as known to be more impactful among the users.

2. Spending lesser time in Twitter- The research showed that shorter videos which are about less than 15 seconds are likely to drive more memory encoding when compared to the 30 seconds video. The short video messaging can be really effective when it is done through tweet due to its real-time nature on this social media platform. This is really a very important thing to consider for the marketers who want to improve the performance of their video on Twitter. According to Twitter, memory encoding and personal relevance both had same level of result in the video.

3. Altering interests can get connected- The report also shows that the Twitter users have been easily accessible to the video while starting a new session on this social media platform. The research also supports first viewed video ad among the users that gives a top placement of video for about 24 hours. During morning hours, Twitter is expected to attract people with personal relevance looking for detailed memory encoding.

4. Video response- According to this, Twitter saw 58 percent increase in user viewing the video after three seconds. The topical content which is popular in Twitter with themed videos have been viewed more than 32 percent in the extended views. The user presence on Twitter watching videos also play a very important role as it features emotional response that increased the video view by 133% during first 3 seconds. In the videos, the subtitles also play an important role in attracting the viewers. All the data are related to neurological response which gives the research additional precedence when compared to their effect. The research also has few considerations and measures that will be used based on these individual strategy.

Best Social Blogs With Good Content

Most of the people like to see social blogs that offers great contents to its audience. There are few special blogs that are capable of attracting more people to their content and the following are few social media blogs that has been considered to be the best due to their content. All the following blogs have been rated as the best social media blogs that attract most of the readers on regular basis. The winners of this blog were judged by the blog panel of social media experts who reviewed all the blogs based on the quality of their posts. There are many people who want to read interesting things online and all of them reach to the blogs based on their interests.

1. AgoraPulse- This social blog offers provides content with screenshots and the readers will be able to know the ways to manage social media. Many people visit this blog on regular basis which makes it really unique when compared to other similar social blogs that are live on daily basis.

2. Buffer Social- It features strong content that has its own value and angles. This blog is available for the audience with unique and interesting content that has been consistent posting quality posts along with images.

3. This is one of the best blog that posts readable content that helps most of its readers to get some idea about the content and using the social media in the right way.

4. Mike Gingerich- It is one of the most unique blog that features value-based content. The blog features new products as well as changes for the present products along with the ability to use them in the right way of the users.

5. Peg Fitzpatrick- The posts available in this blog has useful and detailed information that would really excite the readers. Most of the people want to read something excited just like the contents available in this blog. This blog can be accessed by the people who would want to

6. Socially Sorted- It is a blog that deals with things that can support the readers visually. The blog is also helpful for most of the businesses as they can see visual contents that are interesting for their development. The brands who want to promote their products visually would like to use this blog.

7. Spiderworking- The content in this blog is extremely in-depth that also features more number of visuals. The posts in this blog features more than basics and useful tips that are discussed by most of the people. All those who look for detailed information about a particular topic can refer to this blog.

8. The Social Media Hat- This blog has posts that feature quality information and it approaches most of the social media channels from various angles making the readers feel really excited. Some of the people who go through social media in search of blogs that offers good and quality content.

Ways To Attract Mobile Customer

Those who run a business and want to attract the people on their local market, it is possible to do through mobile marketing. Mobile has become one of the most important part of the marketing and most of the people prefer it. Many people use their mobile always and even search for local businesses in their area. This will help the businesses to reach the people who are looking for few particular services. Both social media along with mobile can be the best source to reach to local customers. There are lots of social media channels that are available for various marketers who can use it for their benefit. It is possible to create your own content on all these social platforms and there are also few apps that can be used for creating images that will look attractive both in your social media profile as well as the mobile device. You can also begin a mobile campaign on the social media platform and try to reach to people who would like to avail your service.

Social media channels provide ads that can be used on the mobile device which would help to attract the people from a particular location. There are three techniques available for audience to reach to your mobile ads which includes geotargeting, beaconing and geofencing. Geofencing is similar to virtual line surrounding a particular geographic area and if a particular person enters your mentioned area, that ads will be easily visible. In order to get these ads offers, the person must download the app for using it efficiently. Another option is geotargeting which is a tool that starts with particular geographic area like a city. In particular area, you can reach to potential customers related to the additional information. The business that attracts the customers from the same area, geotargeting can best the best choice that can help to reach to potential customers.

The beaconing features only small range as it only uses a technology like Bluetooth. To get these messages, you must install an app that can enter into a particular ad network. There are also few social media networks that offer customized results for the search results based on the customer interests. The small businesses that feature physical locations along with geographically related audience it is important to get listed over organic listings. There are other ways that can help to promote your business on the social media platform apart from just placing ads. Using social media for promoting your business or products can be the best choice based on the location. Most of the social media channels have their own option to attract the customers living on a particular geographic location. It is also possible to send messages through the social media as well as reach to the audience in the right way. Also follow particular accounts who are interested in your product and even those who would like to share it with other people.